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  1. January in Florida, you bet. Treasure Island here I come again. Best way to start the year. Would not miss it.
  2. Alden Miller, kite builder of the Jimi kites. Had a fire at his home. The fire destroyed his wood working workshop and Airstream Trailer. The building was not attached to his house. He lost 35 years of tools. This weekend, go out and fly a kite for Alden. If your are in the Washington DC Area, come to Sandy Point State Park, MD. Saturday 25th of February. Bring your Flame Rev or Pyro Kite. His kites were safe but his ripstop will have a smokey smell to it.
  3. Missed your birthday. Missed the bacon. Missed leaning on you cause I can. So, sorry that I missed the event. I will make up for it and invite you to my party. Pig Roast first weekend after the 4th of July. C U There Goat Boy........ Hope that you had a great B-day. Many more to come. Get usted to it... The alternative is not good........ Paul D.
  4. Zen Frame bends a lot, so the Race outer and 2 wrap or Zen center is the way to go. Hey, try a 3 wrap outer's, that is what I fly on at times. Stiffness of the frame comes in at over 3 mph. So, when in the low low winds, if you are flexing the frame then you are putting in to much imput and need to back off a little. Yes it is a truck, but a nice flying truck. Try the new French Bridle. Amazing for lowering the wind range even on this kite. Flying Smiles Kites should have some in stock, if not tell Eliot to make one JUST FOR YOU. I fly team and it is a great kite when you need to perform a routine and the conditions are very light. Yes I could fly my lightened B-Series but the Zen wil fly to the corner without having to pump it, this is what I need. Smooth and reliable. Axel's, no problem. Just remember that the kite is now 9 feet instead of 7.5 feet, and needs a little more rotation area to get around. Do I recommend one to anyone, NO. If the winds are low just sit and talk to your friends. Flying a Zen means moving. If you are in the low range, floating the kite and walking backwards for more forward is how I fly. But if you have the spare cash, not spare change then the answer is yes. Team flyers, it is a must for those fly or die times.
  5. 44 years and 9 months ago. For me High School. I could be your father. Show some respect to your elders. Enjoy your overseas trip. C U on the beach..
  6. Had a great day flying at the Washington Monument on Sunday. Clear Sky, 20mph all day. Had my Baby Rev's that I made over 10 years ago flying. Full Vent or Baby's it was a great day. Hope all faired as well as I did on the East Coast.
  7. Going North to MOTTS Kite Festival. Wont be able to join the LSP Fly... SO Sorry..
  8. Bearquad


    Mr. Comras, a chick magnet? You must mean someone else. Why, I never have seen Rich run around with a MAGNET. HHHHAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When the Quake hit in DC, my office is 1 block away from the White House. I went to the window on the 4th floor and looked towards the White House, NOPE NO SMOKE. Glad it was an Earthquake.
  9. See you at the Kite Field by the children's play park. Coming up early Saturday Morning. I will have my RWB Rev I, 1 of 13 in the bag.
  10. 3 deaths, each worse than the first. Followed by Divorce. I have already died twice, got one life left. Tried before I went to NJSKF at Liberty State Park NJ. One Death. Called while at NJSKF. Almost died twice. 2nd death. Still married and with 1 death to go.
  11. The best flying on the West Coast and I cant go. WHY?
  12. I was setup. My good friend and his girlfriend said that they knew a guy that was single and would be at a Kite Shop in Annapolis Md. We met and our first date was the next day. I told her that I would be flying at the Washington Monument and she walked right up to me while I had a kite in the air and gave me a kiss. 20 years later, just this last weekend we went out to southern maryland to check out some antique shops and fly kites. For me it only gets better.
  13. I fly Race Rods in all of my kites except 1, that is the Full Vent which has 4 wrap in it, if it is blowing hard enough for me to pull out the full vent it has to be 20 plus. I now fly the Green Race (Rich Rods) frames. I feel that they are a little more stiff and still light. My favorite is the Elliot Shook 75% Mesh with Green race Frame. This is between a Mid and Full Vent. If the winds pick up, change kites from Solid to Mid to Full. I recommend the race frame. The 2 wrap Professional frame is a not stiff enough for me. When team flying, you have to fly with like equipment. So, yes I will fly a 3 wrap on solid sail in 8 to 10mph or Mid Vent on 12 plus. But if solo or just having fun, I will be on a Race. I will be up at LSP for Ro's event in July. Come and fly OPK from my bag...
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