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  1. So today I got to play around in a shallow tidal pool (deepest I could reach out to came a little over 3/4 up my kite resting on the bottom). I rarely do water tricks with my kite since most times I fly over water it's the ocean. Dipping in and out and bobbing over waves is fun but there's so much you can do in calmer water. After some messing around I came up with a trick I call "Schoonering" and was wondering if there's a more widely-used title for it as well. I call it what I do because when you flip the kite over to rest in the water on its leading edge the bottoms stick up like twin sails of a schooner boat. You start near the edge of the wind window and you can "sail" the kite across the surface as you would an inverted slide. But you are not floating the kite over the water, the leading edge is in the water the whole time - it's actually quite easy to keep the kite from sinking so long as you continue to move it across the wind window. The rear of the leading edge sinks lower into the water to provide the keel and the front leading edge rises up just like a boat under heavy sail. It's pretty cool-looking and fun! I have the photo below to show the starting position - it doesn't have to be shallow water I just had to be able to rest the kite to take the shot since no one else was with me this time. Wish I could have shot a video of it in action
  2. It's hard to remember the specific clips, but the only times he wasn't really flying were when he was giving his lines and when it was just a shot of the kite up against the sun. The rest of the time (for the black and gold kite only) it was actually him. The wind was light and variable unfortunately - not the best conditions for someone who hasn't gotten the hang of holding the kite into the wind properly.
  3. Anyone else check it out? Had lots of SLKs, rev formation flying, and of course Michio trying to fly my kite The shot with it up against the sun was me. It didn't look as bad as I thought it would either when Michio was delivering his lines and "flying" the kite.
  4. My bad, forgot to update this when I double checked the schedule this past weekend and saw that The Science Channel had bumped the show back! The new show date is Sept 29th, 10:30pm EST. The episode is A New Solar System
  5. Hey gang! I know, haven't been around much. Don't even lurk anymore but now that Labor Day is past and the beaches are (mostly) free, I'll be heading out more often to fly at the Jersey Shore. Anyways, some of you may remember the taping at Liberty State Park that the Science Channel did for Dr. Michio Kaku's show SciFi Science. Well, that episode just aired yesterday! A friend of mine pinged me on Facebook to let me know he saw me briefly in the video, and they had a lot of shots of the kite Dr. Kaku was "flying" For more behind-the-scenes info, here's how it all went down with me as Dr. Kaku's kite double, hahaha. Luckily, the episode re-airs this Sept 26th at 9pm - so check your local listings if you want to tune in and check it out! So, what do I get for world-wide Rev PR?
  6. sure, give em a skim through in the local bookstore
  7. yea, not like all of Hawkings but that book's a good comparison
  8. Here's my writeup of the experience. Great day. http://www.blade-edge.com/index.php?p=1721
  9. Okay got it all cleared up! Sunday is still the day for filming, and as Laura said please plan to get there at or before 9am so you have time to set up as the production crew gets their act together as well. Film shoot is planned for 3 hours starting around 9:30 and time is money so be ready to go when the camera starts rolling! Also Michio might want to fly a kite on camera so bring some extras for him to try out. It would probably be best for him to tug on a single line if he has to concentrate on narrating, but I'm also bringing along my 1.5m 2-line stunt foil he can crash all he wants See everyone there!
  10. So yea what Laura said, except the one producer that I've been talking to sent me an email saying that the shoot day was Saturday. But then the original producer who I first saw send out the email sent word to our AKA regional director that it was Sunday. Sooo... I'm waiting for an email back to confirm Sunday. If nothing shows up closer to the 5 o' clock whistle I'll give her a call.
  11. Weather is looking iffy right now - fingers crossed! Either way, time is currently slated for 9:30 - 12:30. Will let you all know of course when I have final confirmation I'm not concerned about the people I'm concerned about the parking. Especially since I might not be able to ride my bike up.
  12. Seems people were suggesting Sandy Hook instead, which is good from a kiting perspective but filming-wise they want the NYC skyline in the shot and down at Sandy Hook you'd need a clear day and HD camera to be able to see the skyline on video footage. Liberty may not always have the best winds but us serious kiters know we can get our stuff up even if we have to run backwards! Apparently tho production found out there appears to be a 3,000 person walkathon or something going on in the park that day. Still going for it as of now. Should be interesting! 0_0
  13. Yes, the date was originally planned for this Saturday, but has been since changed to Sunday - this was made very clear in the email I received and I also talked to her on the phone about it. Time however is still TBD, and again the Liberty location isn't locked down but I did make sure she fought for it over these people who are saying it's not a good place to fly kites.
  14. Production from the Science Channel is coming to NJ to film a bunch of kiters of any and all types doing there thang in the sky. The taping is for a show in the "Sci-Fi Science" series and is hosted by Dr. Michio Kaku! I dunno about you but I'm totally geeking out right now. The email I have says "We would not need people to speak on camera but simply to be filmed flying their kites with our presenter." which to me means he'll be there on site and won't be dubbed in later. Awesome! Oh plus you get to fly kites and get filmed doing it No, there was no mention of pay and I didn't ask. Shoot should take anywheres from 2-3 hours - but if anyone else is familiar with production like I am that number could easily stretch to 5-6 depending on all kinds of things. Either way plan to spend the whole day out on the field - but how is that anything new to most of us? I talked on the phone today to the production assistant and she said that the shoot may be moved from Liberty Park because "some people" said it wasn't a good location. I was like "WHAT?!?" and set things straight - so as of now it's still on for Liberty but they don't have the location locked down, but the date is definitely locked in for this coming Sunday. She told me "the more the merrier" so even if you have friends that don't fly, have em come and hang out! Will post more info as I get it.<br style=""> <br style="">
  15. I got the full list of Xmas goodies over at my blog, but the highlight was the Lilliput 7" USB monitor. It's a nifty little thing and I'm going to add a second one as well. Great for displaying my Skype window, notes, Winamp - and when I'm using all 3 monitors for Flight Simulator I can use the Lilliputs for displaying airport & navigation charts. Very cool. Last thing on my list I expected to get! Was hoping for a Tauntaun sleeping bag but my mom said they were all sold out when she tried to order
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