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  1. Combination of both. The venting does make a huge impact on reverse flight. However the B-series redesign helps put air in the right spot to help with reverse flight and the B Pro takes things another step further. You could take a full sail SLE, B series, and B Pro all set up the exact same way and would be able to feel the difference between them
  2. And it's got a built in compass to find your way home!!
  3. JD

    Line Lengths

    Then you larks-head your 200' and 225' sets together
  4. JD


    lol I'm just thinking that thing would look HUGEE on a set of 10-15' lines. I wanna try!
  5. JD

    Line Lengths

    But I wanna be able to say "It's freezing out here!!" lol I'm typically on 60, 90, 120 as they're our team standard. At home I'm probably on 90's most of the time. At event's it's always 120 WOW talk about some variety in your bag! Love the team name too!
  6. I prefer my standard set of 13's triangle clips and all I've tried longer ones and they felt awkward and even other 13's the grips feel different..I like MINE lol
  7. Yes it is night fly then followed by fireworks. TONS of fun and really spectacular to see. I believe some of our first team sets have some nice ember burns from a couple years back lol. oops lil too close to those fireworks
  8. Yeah, those bigger SLE rods are hardly ever used anymore. They are just so stiff they don't flex much, and over time we have found that the flex in the leading edge really helps the kite perform better which is why we all use the skinnier rods now. The rods you have which are marked 'ultra light' are actually 3 wraps. The 2 wrap rods are marked 'professional use only' and 4 wrap rods are marked 'revolution equipped.' Race rods actually say race rods. 2 wrap are the lightest and flex most, 4 wraps are heaviest and strongest, 3 wrap is in between. Race rods combine the strength of 3 wrap and
  9. The first question I have for you is what winds are you typically flying in? If it's getting too much for your standard i'd probably go for a full vent because then you will have both wind extremes covered, and it's easier to fly in a bigger range of wind with a standard and full vent rather than a full and mid. As for rods what are you currently flying with? Are you still flying with the sle rod? or just mentioning sle because that's they type of kite you have? I'd probably say ideally have a set of race rods and 3 wrap rods. The race usually used in the full sail and 3 wrap in your vent of
  10. Awesome weekend guys!!! I had a blast flying with all of you! What perfect wind to end the weekend with eh? You all improved so much and I really enjoyed teaching and helping with your flying. Talk about some major improvements between Friday and Sunday!! I can't believe how great the team flying was! Look forward to flying with you all soon!
  11. Oh excellent! Glad to hear they are finally available. Yes quite a bit of testing and R&D went into these. and that solid white sail looks amazing when it's flying.
  12. Hey Kurtis, Happy birthday man!!!! Don't worry...I'll make sure it stays hush hush on the age Can't wait to see you again bro!!
  13. I think my skills are somewhere between steve and bazzer
  14. There was no "hammer" involved in the incident. I was just thinking huh? master of ceremonies? I'm never on the mic. haha..
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