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  1. Today I met with Flying high and he lived up to his forum name. We quickly overcome the challenges of handle movement. Using splint and later a simple strap to aid grip. He was able to use lateral movement to the same effect as vertical with extra input walking he was very quickly able to get to grips with the rev. We had a full days rev flying. Great day, and success beyond expectation. a great days flying with friends old and new.
  2. I suspected that might be the case John - distance not age.
  3. We are working out the logistics of meeting up and looking at intoducing him to local fliers in his area. You would always be welcome John. I will keep everyone informed of our progress and any potential problems we encounter.
  4. I was thinking along the same lines John. On the practice field today I tried fine kite movement from the elbow which was successful. My other thoughts again was the claw which Roger Maddy used when he flew multiple revs
  5. Sounds good I will send you a pm I am sure we will be able to get sorted
  6. It is difficult to say what would work for you without meeting you. My thoughts were to use arm movement rather than wrist. As for hand position short extentions could compensate for handle position. A strap could hold the handle in position and give grip. I have designed something for myself as I occasionally have grip problems due to a childhood injury. It works well for me. It would depend what level of flying you want to achieve. Most people are happy learning basic moves. As you learn to fly you will develop your own style. This will be influenced by you degree of movement and disability. I work with people who have disabilities and have taught others with limited movement to fly. You may not be able to achieve a full range of moves but until you try you will not know. the reason I suggested a club is that it is much more fun to fly with others but I do know other fliers who fly regularly on their own. Do you have an area near you where you can practice
  7. Hi Flyinghigh, welcome You should be able to adopt a style to suit your limited wrist movement There are a few good rev pilots around your area who I am sure would be able to offer support and advice. Northern kite Group run a kite club with members around the M62 corridor and beyond http://www.nkg.org.uk/ Fusion fly in Herrington Park next to Penshaw Monument just North of Durham most Sundays. If you are close you would always be welcome.
  8. Similar conditions and numbers up North. We managed a couple of hours. We opted for 4 wrap and ended the day in 'the cafe in the park'. Hoping we will be able to have a winter meeting in the new year. Merry Christmas to you and all the Decs and their families. see you in the new year. Best wishes Vince
  9. We have been using the rod sleeves for a couple of weeks. A great idea. They do not look ugly (in fact you cannot tell when they are in place). They do not impede the kite in anyway. It is early days but we are delighted with them, particularly if they extend the life of the sail and reduce wear.
  10. Interesting. We had similar discussions about our team kites and found the B-series difficult to reconcile with our Sedgwick influenced stripes. The Los Hermanos printed sail you can have the printing over the mesh. This was a huge help to us but we also added a black division between colours to define the stripes. A word of warning with the printed sail - Just make sure you put the right kite in the right bag after use as it can be very difficult to tell if it is standard, mid, or full vent once on the lines! For us the printed sail was the perfect solution
  11. I missed this post. Thank you Decs for coming North. It was a great weekend in very challenging conditions. Now it is time to do it all over again this weekend at Dieppe!
  12. Last weekend at Portsmouth I had the opportunity to fly Diamonds in our printed team sails and compare them with the Decs rev 1 and TFS ultra light sails with Diamonds. Some kites had two wrap or race. All kites felt great. Rev 1 gave great feedback. The TFS ultra lights were also very impressive and I loved our printed sails but I may be biased! The Diamonds allowed flying in very tricky conditions with a wide variety of sails and set ups. The Diamond rods are certainly a very welcome addition to my kite bag. This winter we will be looking to see how they react to indoor flying.
  13. We do have this problem in the UK. It is rare and normally occurs Autumn/winter when there is heavy dew or rain. Normally cleaning the lines with a good line cleaner will reduce this but not eliminate it. Careful line wrapping unwrapping during setup and packing away will also help.
  14. I think the setting will be similar to Dunstable or Herrington. I think an arena may trigger there events procedures and could complicate preparations. A parking area may be an easier option than an arena. Do you feel we need a parking area. We will need some tape.
  15. I have sent links of the teams to the organisers and gave them an outline idea of what to expect on the weekend. We are booked into the hotel. I like the idea of civilised travel.
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