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Back into It.

West Australian



I Hope everyone is having a great start to the new year.

I am getting back out there and flying.

Holiday Flying:

Well I actually got a chance to fly twice in my 2 week Christmas Holidays.

MGower was out there with me both times, always great company.

Both times were super light winds. SparkieRob had his Rev Indoor outdoors on the day he joined me.

Even though conditions were light it was great to get out there.

Back into It:

I am going to do something different to cover my First week back. Because each day had very similar conditions and the same kites were flown in them I will give the general mood of the week and point out the highlights.

Each morning I hit the field about 5am and stayed there till about 8am. The Flying week started on Tuesday, as Monday was still part of my Holidays. MGower joined me on field every morning. We got in about 12 hours of field time, and got to fly a selection of kites day. Does it get any better than that?

Every day was Zero to Very light wind at the start, but after about an hour the breeze would start up. Enough for the Zen and the SUL. This would slowly build more, and change direction to give us enough to fly the Standard Rev B’s.

It was very interesting conditions. With the slow build up each day, it meant there were no sudden changes that had to be dealt with. It was a slow predictable build with not many gusts. The First day was a little worrying. The wind was almost non-existent, but as it built up, the kites and our spirits rose.

Each following morning was started off on Gliders, but the Zen and SUL were staked out in preparation for the winds to come. As the winds picked up I would take turns on MGower’s Zen and my SUL. I find them to be very interesting together. The Zen is a little easier for me to float in the lighter winds but it stears a bit slower than the SUL. Feeling the difference in performance between the 2 light wind Revs each day was very interesting. The light winds push my skill to keep the Rev moving slowly and carefully, to just keep flying. I do get tired with light wind flying after a while so It was good that the wind offered more every day.

When the wind got high enough the Standard B’s were brought out onto the field. There really only was just enough wind to keep the Standard Rev Sail full. It was good though, Floating and Catch & Throw were the order of the day.

One of the days we busted out the Masterpiece kites. These kites of MGower’s are awesome. They can be a bit visually distracting though. I caught myself just watching the Sizzle hover.

I went a bit crazy on friday and flew the Rev 1 instead of my B series.


It was a great week, of mild wind and excellent company.

Thanks for reading, comments are appreciated (they are my reward for all that typing)


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