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B-Series VTD + Race Rod - Minimum Wind range?


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I'm contemplating acquiring a set of race rods for my B-Series Vented. Just curious for those who have tried it out, how low can the minimum wind range go for this configuration, for self sustained flight without any light wind technique (pumping, walking back and forth etc)? (3mph, 4mph etc..)

I'm using 90# x either 85ft or 100ft lines..

Thanks in advance


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I regularly use Race Rods in my Vented Rev.

It will fly a lot lighter than the stock 4 wraps and I appreciate them on those gusty days that have lulls of light winds.

I've never measured the wind speed, but probably in the 6 mph range on the low end and a bit less with light wind techniques.

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Just for starters the B-series vented and a 1.5 vented are one in the same the B-series vented kites are just paneled to match the standard.

With that said, it all depends on your knowledge of the kite some can fly in 3-5 with race rods some find it impossible. knowing how the flight dynamics of the kite work will help more than the rods you put in.

I've seen people fly indoor using a few steps back to get air pressure against the sail then using the weight and the float capabilities along with the perpetual motion of the kite to keep it moving while standing virtually still.

To answer your question I myself have no problem flying along side of sul's with my vented equipped with race rods, i'm not going to say the kite is as fast but depending on the steadiness of your breeze results will be considerably different.

Use the kite to ride the wind, don't rely on the wind to fly the kite.

Hope that sheds some light :sign_kitelife:

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Actually the vents on the B-Series are slightly wider at the top compared to the SLE 1.5 vented.
I did side-by-side comparisons with my old Vented 1.5 and a new B-Series Vented. Same line lengths, handles and frames in the same wind.

I stood downwind and watched Terry fly both kites and the B-Series had a much deeper and rounder billow in the centre of the sail, where my older 1.5 had a relatively shallow and flat billow. Even with the same frames, my kite's leading edge was basically straight in the middle and angled off from the uprights out.

The B-Series's leading edge was a smooth curve.

I was impressed enough with the difference that I ordered a B-Series set that night. :blushing:

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