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Hangin with Ben in Kuwait


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Hey all, as many of you know, Ben just returned from Kuwait where we flew the three largest kites in the world at the same time in the same place. Truly a historic event that won't soon be forgotten. I just wanted to give a public thanks to Ben for his help with the Mega Moon, but mostly for hangin with us, flyin Revs and for being an excellent ambasador for our country. It was awesome to get to know him a little more and I definitely look forward to sharing the wind with him again soon!

Here's a short clip of all three kites in the air:

...and some photos:

http://www.flickr.com/photos/deanjordan/setsclick on Kuwait Kite Festival

--Blake Pelton

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I beleive Mr A Beaty near broke his neck when he mis-judged a line.Which shot him WELL up a good few feet before he decided to let go.Came down and sprained both ankles and a sore hand to boot.Could have been a lot worse i think.Glad hes ok now.

.Andrew near polaxed us last summer at Blackpool kite festival when a line snapped and his MEGA BALL broke free.

We were [THE REVALATIONS]flying 200yds down the beech from Andrew.As we flew our routine to a full watching public.Something caut my eye.It was a football the size of three double decker buses heading streight for us,it was a MONSTER FOOTBALL,HUGE THING.The wind was haveing a good blow at it.So it didnt take long for it to reach us full on .I tried to stop it,but i bounced of it like a pea off a Tamborine.It was a very weird sight watching it roll toward the pier.It eventually got stuck in a large pool the tied had left.Otherwise it would have still been going.Gladly ther was no casualtys or harm done realy.Just Andrews pride took a kicking and some stick from other kiters.

Someone posted pickys on my local club site of the Kuwait event,looked very impressive.Quite an acheivement.WELLDONE EVERYONE.

Great Event.


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Dear Family

I was going to keep this to myself cause I could'nt do this but let me share with world that Blake was in Kuwait bugging with a vented

B-series in the sand and the winds were'nt all that strong, gr,gr,gr,gr, I'm telling you Family this guy can and does fly and a nicer guy

you'd be hard pressed to find and I'm happy to welcome him to the Family.....Ben :blue-cool::blue-cool::blue-cool:

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