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Anything planned for the mid-west?


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iQuad doesn't have a midwest clinic planned yet.

The closest festivals that iQuad will be at are probably Windscape, in Swift River June21-22

and the Mots Festival in Milwaukee on Sept 13-14.

Check out http://teamiquad.com/ for the iQuad schedule.

Also, check out the IKE club homepage (click on the logo in my signature) to see if we are at any festivals closer to you.

I'd be happy to give some personal lessons if you make it a club gathering/festival.

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Thanks for the info guys and also your kind offer Mike.

I'll have to mark that May day on my calandar and see what shakes out.

I had bought an SLE down at South Padre but hadn't flown it yet when a kite fest came around. The iQuad team was there along with Ben and they took me under their wing and provided loads of help and advice. What a great bunch of guys! I was eventually convinced that if I was going to spend a significant amount of time on the REV kite I'd be better off with the B-series version. I bought one...what a difference, even to a rank beginner like me. My wife has shown an interest in the SLE so the whole exercise may work out really well. :)


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