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Selling my Masterpiece SOLD


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I take my iPhone to bed and do a final check to see if my son from overseas has sent an email or if I've missed anything else before I stick it on the charger on my bedside table. I usually check mail and scan a couple of websites.

Last night it paid off.

Great phone and great kite.

Thanks John! :kid_devlish:

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Didn't sell in 5 minutes, took almost 20 minutes. Thanks to all who responded.


Well, If the cash had been in the bank for it...it would have lasted LESS than 5 minutes. I think I fell on it by accident a couple of minutes after you put it up. Charlie got a great deal.


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I am sure it would have sold for more.

It sold for the price of a 20th, now a 20th is a wonderfull kite and I WANT ONE, however look at how many of each kite were made!!

Might have taken longer to sell, but sure it would have sold for more.

Still as long as seller and purchaser are happy that is all tha matters.

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