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Bens Birthday Again Soon


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Hello Family

Well it's getting to be that time again where I'm another year older and as most of you know that means I've got to give

away something way cool........... :kid_devlish: Last year we gave a Masterpiece away and this year I've had a real, real,

custom B-Series made with a new idea that we were going to make available for the general public but this is the

protype for this idea and because of all the work for this one kite we decided not to do the kite in this patteren, with

that in mind this is the only B-Series in this patteren that we will make............... :kid_devlish: Also so you all know

I was going to keep this kite for myself but being that I get a bit crazy this time year I figured what the heck let one of

you own this one.

So heres the deal send your name and address and phone number to me at, Revolution Kites (Bens Birthday)

12170 Dearborn Place

Poway, Ca. 92064

Then on Feb. 23rd I will but them all in a bag and pick out another lucky winner for this one of a kind B-Series, then as a bonus

each week after the first card is in my hands I'll pick someone out and give them a free set of race rods or a 20th anniversary

t-shirt depending on how I feel........ :kid_devlish: So Family are you ready for another one of Bens Birthdays???????

Two things before I forget no pictures until after KTAI in two weeks and John will you please sign this kite for the

Family as a bonus............. :innocent:

Ben :blue-cool::blue-cool:

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Super cute picture Brad.

So Ben as I understand it letters cards etc to you at Rev, however not till after KTAI??

You WILL remind us when it is time to send them wont you?? As if we would forget!!

Any chance you can count them and let us all know haw many you get?? Shame ther isnt an easy way of us all sending a Dollar for you to donate to a charity.

I am betting there are a bunch on the way to you allready :-)

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Come on Ant, I think past winners should be excluded from this event. You have to be fair to all the rest of us :P

Ben come on, say something to Ant, it just is'nt fair. :sq_wink:

He has a Birthday kite already. :blue_smile:

Just tell him. :kid_cussing:

GO ON ANT, cant think of anyone else I would rather have this on, well I CAN actually. :kid_cheerful: Best of luckmy friend. :kid_smartass:

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