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I have been looking everywhere for information on the green and black race frames , have also heard of the diamond frames. Any info would be great . Wind ranges ,Weights, How tough are they compared to say  two three or four warp?  Any info would be very much appreciated . Thanks ,Dave

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I'm thinking,... it might be only from the used market, discontinued in the discount rack or all three items have reached an evolution into something else entirely, you'll have to chase retail merchants and tell no one if successful

weight of a Race (black) is equal to a 2 wrap professional frame, but with the strength of 3 wraps

green race has an overcoating to make 'em stronger still, a guy Rich Comras (unfortunately now deceased) complained that black race tubes broke under water, so Ben D'antonio offered a solution,... Green Race I think it's kevlar paint or some high-tech solution.

lastly, original Diamonds are very delicate tubes designed for no wind, SUL kites even indoor models.  These are very expensive and sought after.  When they break (and they will!) you make "travel frames" out of the pieces.

none of these tubes will be less than 25 USD each, some closer to 40,.... ifs you can find them at all.

Stiffness, flex response, weight, performance,..... you get what you pay for, but alas no longer offered in their original "flavors"

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Well THANK YOU very much revflyer I have been looking everywhere for info on them. I think I will try and get a set of black race frames if possible . That being said is there any other alternatives . Are the Djinn frames compatible with revs 1.5 ?

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