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Indoor Revolution Stack in Paris


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  • 5 weeks later...
My last video :

i hope you'll like it

see you


Hello Cheesecake/Alex and other pilot/crew - Seb.

I'm loving all of your work :)

Especially the night flying around Tour Eiffle, Arc de Triomphe/Champs Elysee and Louvre (and using Oxygene II) :throb:

Paris is one of my favourite cities in the word. (Lucky you).

Have you ever flown at Paris La Defense ?

Lots of sculptures and art stuff not too mention great water features for cool reflections for your videos. ^_^

So when are you coming over to the UK ?

Surely you can't resist when it is the Revolution anniversary ?

Portsmouth or Bristol International kite festivals.

I can hope :wub:

In the meantime, keep up the good work.

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Hello Choccy,

I have flown in some art places in Paris like next to the Centre Pompidou - a famous art museum in Paris, next to the Nicky de St Phalle statues

you can see some pictures on my first website about revolution kite in 2000 - 8 years ago....



and the first videos - wich are on my blog now.

i hope i can come this summer in England - but we will see - anyway, we all will fly kites, wherever we will be


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I have flown in some art places in Paris like next to the Centre Pompidou - a famous art museum in Paris...



That is sooooo cool Cheesecake.

Thanks for the great website links. :)

I love the whole night-street-flying theme.

I just worry that if you do come to the UK you'll get into trouble *if* you fly on our streets (illegal here) *;/

And I do not want you to get into trouble!

This is why I just watch your videos with fanscination and a huge grin.

I have visited the Pompidou centre - it's so neat you also flew around the water feature too (in your first link above).

From your website :

Should we meet.... I'll bring my big smile... I'm just a novice flyer so far but enthusiastic.... and maybe I'll invest in some short lines.

Thanks for inviting us and sharing your fun.

Sailor/Jeremy> "Choccy Cheesecake conversation" hehehe that's a good one, I wouldn't say no to a small slice. ;)

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