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Mega Vented EXP

big bri

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really good looking design guys...almost started slicing up one of my kites, been talking to bazzer, & decided to wait to see what he may pull out of his bag of tricks...until then, he suggested heavier lines, 150#'s...he also suggested whiffle balls at the sleeving ends near the kite to disperse the winds...i was also thinking about those nerf balls...he also suggested anything fuzzy wrapped around the bridle lines...the idea is to disperse winds somewhat like a spoiler would, so the kite does not take on so much stress...g

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If you want to play I would suggest the opposite direction, the standard kite has more than enough drag, try reducing both drag and weight, it makes for a nimble kite with a decent wind range, btw the mesh used in Bri's kite is not standard insect mesh it was once a certain English fliers fishnet tights.

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Here's a picture of my effort, I reckon something like four hours in the garage with a soldering iron and heaven knows how long marking up the template but it was worth every second. I’m well chuffed with it, it flies great.

It’s been done a few weeks now but it’s taken a while to get the photos, Thanks Keith, (ssm1nw).


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Sweet, Bob! You really did a nice job with it! :ani_punk:

Thanks. As I said I'm really pleased with it.

What have been the highest winds you've flown with it thus far?

To be honest, I haven't a clue. I'm not really a wind meter kind of guy. I tend to prefer to let the feel of the kite influence setup choices. One thing I will say is, if I need to be flying this one, a std EXP leading edge does not really cut it, it doesn't half bend, it now has a 3 wrap sle. B)

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Like that Bob,Takes a long think before cutting holes in a Loved one.Nice job pal.

Reading this thread brings back so many diffrent memories,thats what kites are about alot of the time.The one definate improvement from the start of the thread is

I have a kite i can fly in anything from ZIP,ZERO winds and in A HURRICANE now. and so do you mate.

Ile ring ya when one turns up Bob...:}


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We have made that. They begin to fly with 80 km/h of wind and we don't know when they couldn't fly won to strong wind........

They are without doubt things of beauty.

I've never flown one, though as a very raw novice, I did get to try a copy. I have to admit I found it it real strange, as with so little sail it gave so little feedback, maybe there was not quite enough wind though not much else was flying that day.

Much Respect.

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