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Some Videos by ME!!!!!


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I just finished some videos from WSIKF 2007. I know...... procrastination.

WSIKF 2007: Dinkin' Around

WSIKF 2007: Charley Chaplan

2 more should be up soon!

Excellent and very entertaining. Especially the Charlie Chaplin video.

Greetings fron the UK

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I'm glad you all enjoyed them. I have uploaded 2 more videos to Youtube, but it is being stupid and they won't come up in my profile, so I may have to upload them again later.

1. Charlie Chaplin is before my time, so I didn't expect myself to get that spelt correctly.

2. Yes. That is Amy.

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Great jobs on the video Bro.... ya man WSIKF was a blast...

Just wonder who is the band in the Dinkin' Around video??

That bend is Creed. There is a subtitle for the song, and artist at the beginning of each song in both videos. (Except for Amy's music. I have no idea what that is called, or who did it.)

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I believe thats Amy (Mousio) as Charlie Chaplin, Her dressed up like that just made my sexuality do an axel out of confusion :kid_smartass:
I liked both videos!

I think Ben should get credit for being the "straight man" in the Charlie Chaplan video. :lol:


Thank you Watty.

I just sat here laughing so hard .. Benny and I did NOT plan any of that.. it was all in the moment, and I caught Benny so off guard when I climbed on his back lol....

Indeed it is me.... I flew this almost everyday at WSKIF and I had people come up to me on Friday who I had flown with all week, that had no idea it was me lol. Benny is an awesome straight man. I wouldn't have had as much fun without him lol.. Big hugs Benny!

Umm about your confusion hahaha.. my son lovingly calls me. *the cross dresser* lol ugh

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