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Big Bri Pork Pie

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Lets see what happens on here.

Hello all,had some years  and bad times that would frighten John Wicks bodyguard or a Riot Cops/Police Horse. As Forest Gump says,-HIT HAPPENS. Ile open his box of chocolates and see what i get.

As Wayne Dowler put it.I am out my cave. I dont think ive smiled,realy smiled for years.I have sat and thought for many an evening thinking. Well, what next Big Fella.Maybe the shock,Doctors,Health,and massive change in life as i knew it ,was my good times.Nope,keep going and think what made you Happy.Eassyyyyy  answer.I dont mean Tom Greenfield[aka easy tom] btw. Although ,Tom helped me,perhaps more than he realised and a few others.

  Best medicine in the world,if your able.Get your Kite Bag out and get going again.Took me some time to realise it.Restarted my life, now i am out my cave.I am about three months in now and finding my feet and true passion.MAN,Its changed in 5-6yrs.Whos who and whats what.Forums are all quiet,many gone,i hate Facebook,it realy is the Devil.Lets leave it at that.

Some great people make it such a joy of a Journey.Some great kites in your hands bring that BDG again.

Hart attack,hart opp,Diabetic issues,breathing problems,a weird disease that surfaced after Kite Party 2008 has now aged my tendons and at 53yrs old, its had 15 yrs to dig in.Docs said to me i am 1 in 8millon,its unsual if yr over 60,.So im super Special the consultant/specialist announced. Tell me something i dont know was my reply,we are all special,so crack on and show me how special you guys are.My,Knees,ankles elbows,fingers and most bits that move are not happy about it ,but while i still can.GET THEM REVS OUT.

BTW,i am a Rev flyer and thers only one Revolution.


Big Bri,with his Pork Pie .


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The health issues sound horrible. I know aging is something that happens to all of us, but it stinks when it does.  I've had my own bouts of "Oh, that's what they meant!" regarding joint pain, but not the issues you describe. 

As for this:

On 8/23/2018 at 7:58 AM, Big Bri Pork Pie said:

Forums are all quiet,many gone

There are several active kite forums, and activity seems to go in cycles. Currently both Kitelife and GWTW Forums are more active than the Rev forums, although that can always change back. I think several things contributed to these forums dropping in popularity. The site took a big plunge after the revkites.com site was redesigned to be a more traditional sales site, they moved the forums to revkites.net which broke all the existing links, broke the ranking on search engines, and otherwise made it harder to visit. The expiration of the original rounds of patents (by several groups) also meant more competitors have entered the market, so while Revolution kites is still by far the biggest brand, they're no longer the only player on the field. There is the natural ebb and flow of the web, where content breeds more content and stagnation breeds more stagnation. Combine them all and the RevKites forums have dropped a bit in popularity for now.

The cycle will likely change again over time, different web sites ebb and flow in popularity.

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