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New 2018 Rev KItes worth the purchase.

Nigel GF


Just a quick question, I have Rev 1.5  SLE  Vented  and a John Barresi  B Signature Series Rev which I have flown for a while now; I just really would like to know how the Newer models fly compared to my two revs I own, and is it worth me buying the newly designed 2018 kite ?

Any comments would be greatly appreciated on this subject.

Thanks Nigel


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Hi, Nigel. We met on the KiteLife forum. Many of the new Revs feature the new Reflex technology, which gives a 3-dimensional shape to the sail, and the degree of this varies with the amount of air pressure on the sail. It helps in lower wind and changes the flight characteristics in a few other ways. It's neither better or worse in any respect, just different. You may like it. You may not. It does what it does. Find someone who has one and try it. As you know, I have stated that there is no "perfect kite" that will instantly make you a pro. However, the more different kinds you try, the better you will get and the better you will understand what makes them fly the way they do. I love broccoli. Most people don't. Most people like chocolate. Many don't. What's the easiest way to find out? Try it. If you're interested, buy one. Give it some time to grow on you. If it ends up sitting in your bag too long, you can sell or trade, or even give it to someone who's getting into quads but can't afford one. I've done it. Many times with many different kites for ten years now. The reflex springs can be disabled so the kite can be flown as the older Revs did. This makes the kite more versatile. The sail panel layout is obviously different, and does affect flight characteristics that an advanced flier will notice. Again, whether this suits your style and level of experience depends on how much you fly. I say: "If you have the talent and sufficient wind, you can fly a brick."

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