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Whats the difference?




I hope you can help, in the past I have always made my kites, even an early revolution. Haven't done it for years, and not got a decent kite shop anywhere near me.

I am looking to buy a Revolution, but which one??

what is the difference between Rev EXP Reflex £170 and a Rev 1.5 Reflex Classic £280,  apart from size.

I have flown quads before.

We live near the beach, which is empty and huge. So generally have good winds


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EXP is targeted (designed for) beginners and the other is for more advanced fliers, either one can do EVERYTHING, but one is more forgiving and easier to maximize it's capabilities.

Unless you have some significant quad-lined experience you might not notice the differences initially, but as your skills grow they are in fact separate.

Both of these current models come w/Reflex Technology (springs on the back of the sail to apply a pronounced curvature into shaping the airflow)  Again if you are just starting out you may like this effect.  The wily veterans have so many hours of practice they we find it unnatural and prefer the old school way.

If you live near good wind & the beach then maybe the best investment is a mid-vent instead of a full sail quad-line. Consider other makers choices and if at all possible,.... go find another quad-head and learn from a coach.  It is so well worth the time and financial investment to have someone standing next to you, I can't stress this enough.

Equalize the string lengths or adjust the leaders on your handles (from a single well-placed stake or fence post) such that both tops and bottoms are perfectly equal side to side.  This is a front end alignment on your racing vehicle, necessary before your get onto the autobahn and stomp on the gas pedal.

Work on not flying, hovering, SLOWLY going in one direction and then immediately returning back to the starting point, control, relax your body, don't squeeze the handles, smile and breath.  ENJOY!


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The difference is 110 pounds :lol:, and that's because of the greater number of panels and some design features which both increase the amount of labor involved. The EXP is built for price point, intended for beginners and/or those who are not sure if they will really get into it. They will both fly and feel the same to a flyer who is new to quad-line kites, but the 1.5 Classic has performance and durability advantages over the EXP, so if you are sure you're going to continue flying and can afford the difference without hurting your pocketbook, go for it. The other option is to get one of the older discontinued 1.5 B-Series, on eBay or from a kite shop that still has old stock, either new or used. There are other quads available which are nearly identical in general shape and performance, but be aware that you will get what you pay for. Anything new for less than 120 pounds will cause you grief.

If you have no brick and mortar kite shop in your vicinity, you can purchase on-line. There's quite a few in NW Europe that handle quads of all sorts.

Oh, and welcome to the forum. Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.

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