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Wiggles B2 in a spin


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My flying has been improving all the time..,, and Im love learning new skills....., but one thing that Im  not good at is maintaining height when spinning slowly. I can drag the kite over to the left or right while it spins slowly but cannot gain height. I can maintain height because it spins fast!!! But any attempt to gain height buy pulling with the opposite hand sends the kite into an even faster spin! 

I hope this makes sense to the experienced flyers. 


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you need more "down" in the tuning,... here's the practice session for after that is accomplished too

imagine you are part of team of ten pilots, you spilt out to the edge by odds and evens from a vertical column and then do a 180 degree turn to return back to the center line.  With so many pilots you can NOT loss altitude!  You have to go to the edge and instead of turning down with the top wing, you have to force the bottom wing UP. That reads weird but it must be experienced and you'll find that backing the bottom wing UP doesn't allow for any decent, you loss some height going around but make up for it by backing up the bottom wing.= same location you started from, but facing the other way.

Next thing to work on is a two-handed technique. One thumb's stabbed slightly forward and other snapped back (reversed action) mere moments later.  This starts and ends the oversteer built into the bridle configuration where you want it to in the sky.

If you make this technique super slowly and not too far out from the center of the window, you can practice close to the ground also, so you CAN'T go forward to turn around without impacting mother earth!  In a few sessions it will become second nature


like lots of us, forgetting this important skill until the sky gets crowded again

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