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First flight on my new Rev Reflex RX

Matt G

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So my Rev arrived today and a day early so with great excitement I watched the DVD and read the instruction manual and then rushed out to my local flying field Luckily it's only 300 yds from my house it's not perfect but its close and large (4 soccer pitches) the wind was light and variable with a noticeable 30-40 degree shift in the wind. The Laser Pro 90x80 were perfectly matched length and the rev went together quickly after watching the DVD instructions. Got the kite set with the handle staked and popped it up it initially raced skywards but the wind is variable and with no movement on the handles the kite sank and drifted sideways, resetting the kite I manage a small turn and then again with the wind dropping and shifting back to the ground it fell. I did notice at on the first few launches I was moving my hands like a DLK but the consciously held my hands level and gained a little more control but with the wind shifts was unable to keep it in the air for more than 30  seconds. One question is in lighter winds I had the top line on the longest knot was this right? or in lighter winds do i come closer to the handle? 

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You test for tuning with the kite inverted on the ground,...  keep lengthening the top leader attachment knot positioning OR shortening the bottoms,... or maybe do both UNTIL the kite will back up inverted.  In low wind you will also be walking backwards Matt!

Hold the handles softly, like you are meaning to drop them in the next couple of heartbeats.

The sail has maximum pressure (not lift) when it is square to the wind.  You make that lift through movements of feet, hands/arms and angling the sail.  In ideal conditions you can sit on the ground with your legs crossed and still fly with complete control.  In tough conditions you will have to move all around MAKING the kite fly through your actions.

Most people pull the top leaders to gain lift, instead add DOWN, turn the kite inverted and practice what will truly give you the most benefit, stationary hover & reverse flight.  Get comfortable with the kite an inch above the ground and moving all around.

My first lesson is the cartwheel, when the pilot knows how to turn the kite over they can always relaunch, even without supervision.  First practice session is inverted, saving years of useless practice in forward flight.  If it won't back-up you can take off two strings, most any dualie will stall and slide sideways

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Easiest remedy for what you are experiencing is to wait until the wind is decent. Six to twelve mph and fairly steady will be the easiest in which to learn. If you are fighting the wind, whether it is too strong or too weak, you are learning frustration and how hard it is in crappy wind, but not much else. I know how much you just want to fly, but choosing your wind at the beginning will speed up the process of being able to fly in crap and make it look easy. Flying in crap wind is difficult, even for those with hundreds of hours of experience.

In lighter winds adjusting the knots is finding the ideal compromise between sail pressure and lift, and it is always a compromise. It seems counter-intuitive, but moving to the knots further out will help in the lighter stuff. If you move by walking backwards when the wind slows or dies you create pressure in the sail which keeps the kite aloft. Watch some indoor flying videos to get an idea of what it's about.

DLK and QLK are similar enough that some inputs translate well from one to the other, and different enough that most do not. About 80% of DLK does not apply, maybe more.

It will all come with time on the lines, just as it did with DLKs. Hang in there. By the time you have 40 hours under your belt, you should have the basics down pat.

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