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B2 revolution




Im new to the rev world and have only recently found this website. I love it. I was lucky enough to buy a B2 on sale and would like to read othere users experience with thisrev.

Perhaps im not using the write search words.... But there appears to be no results when I search for B2?

I would be thankful for any help.







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Hi, Wiggle, and welcome to the forum.

I searched B2 and RevII and it showed nothing. I don't know why. I'm sure both have been discussed here.

The RevII is the original version of the B2. The B2 is the newer version with a different panel layout. Both are the smaller versions of the 1.5 size and are quite a bit faster in flight. Not the ideal size for learning, but not impossible. It requires quicker response from the pilot to control it. That leaves very little time to react, but eventually you'll get used to it. There are many pilots in Europe, and one or two in Sweden. They will probably say hello. You can also check the KiteLife forum, that has more active international pilots and a member map that you can check to see who is near you. I recommend that you get together with an experienced pilot if possible. Having someone assist you when you are first starting is priceless. They can show you what not to do, and that will eliminate many problems that beginners normally have.

Have fun, smile and don't forget to breathe.

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The B2 is close to a scaled down version of the REV 1.5 in that all the rods on the B2 are the same length.

The REV II, you could say is a low profile version of a scaled down REV 1.5 despite the fact that the REV II was on the market several years before the REV 1.5.
There are two different lengths of rods on the REV II. Two very long horizontal rods for the leading edge, each rod longer then the REV I rod and two short vertical rods.
There are a number of kite fliers within Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, not that many fly REVs. However as you advance south there is an abundance of REV fliers.

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The B2 is a smaller version of the B-Series Kite which carried the same panel layout.. Being smaller it was quicker and quite a bit more nimble.. The same motion that would pull an axel on the 1.5 sail would give you a turn and a half if not two on the B2.  Very fun sail to fly. Everything control-wise, translates to the 1.5 sail but after the B2, larger sails can seem like slow motion..

Just a design Note, the LE in the B2 has the Ferrules on the outer spars instead of two ferrules on the inner spar. I'm not sure why that particular decision was made but it is one thing notable about the design difference other than the size..

@awindofchange still had them listed on their website until a few days ago.

Here's the thread here where they were announced..


And a great bit of video.


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