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Wildwoods International Kite Festival 2016!

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Hi folks, good morning,

So I'd like to begin by sharing with you that the WIKF 2016 Registration Form is complete and is attached to this post, if available. In the next few days it will also be available on the SFP web site as well as on the EL web site for the ECSKC!

Please note of particular importance, with regards to communication concerning WIKF this year and probably moving forward, my primary source for all things WIKF will be the WIKF Facebook page, which our dear ol' friend & founder, Roger Chewning, set up last year - thank you Roger! Some of you may recall in previous years I've posted on the AKA, Rev and Kite Builders Forum's - and with the exception of communicating this Facebook page info there, this will probably cease in the spirit of providing all info in one easily accessable location. However, PLEASE NOTE, there are two Facebook WIKF pages, one is titled "Wildwoods International Kite Festival" (sub titled "Performance Art") and the other is titled "Wildwood International Kite Festival" (sub titled "Event"). THE CORRECT FACEBOOK PAGE IS THE PLURAL, OR "WILDWOODS" PAGE - in your communications with others in the kiting community, if you could kindly share this info with them I certainly appreciate it as it will assist in keeping everyone informed and in the loop - and sincere thanks in advance! And while you're on the Facebook page, feel free to post any photos, memories, anticipation comments, etc., - it will be fun to see & share!

Thanks so much to all of you for continuing to make this event the success that it is - while faces come & go and the event is a beast to produce, I am always in such anticipation of seeing everyone who attends and am sincerely, sincerely greatful for everything everyone contributes - thank you so much and I can't wait to see you all soon!!!



WIKF 16 Reg Form.pdf

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