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NEW! - Hakuhata REV design


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Lolly has just made this announcement on the NEW Hakuhata REV design that will be available in March.

Hi Family, A while ago, my friend in Japan, Toru Hakuhata came up with an amazing design. At that time, sewing the sail would have been crazy. The more we talked about it, the more a printed sail made perfect sense. With the files and help from our very own John Mitchell (Rev Wizard), we are able to present this new series of sails. We are calling this honeycomb art, the Spots. You have the original art from Hakuhata in the Sun Spots and the Moon Spots.
Check these out ! We are excited !! As always, these will be done in limited numbers. When they are sold out, they are gone. Call your favorite dealer, or Rev. Too Cool !!! Thank You Toru Hakuhata !!!


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And there is more from Lolly.

Well, the kite is out of the bag.... we are making 4, not just 2, Spot patterns !! Doesn't anyone like to be surprised anymore ???

We also made Bright Spots, and Meteor spots !! Cool names- right ?!
ETA on these sails is about 3-4 weeks. Just in time for the spring thaw for lots of the US. Don't wait. These will not last.

You may be asking the question now, will there be more color schemes?

I don't think more is in planning however you could try asking REV directly outside of social media.


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