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Rev 2015 Up-date from the Rev office


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Dear Rev Family,

We want to wish you a Happy New Year, and blessings for all.

January started with Kite, Toys And Innovation (KTAI) Convention in Orlando, Florida. The new Rev Carbon Fiber Banner poles were introduced to the shops with great enthusiasm. Thank you !! I then went on to a great festival in treasure Island. We had sunshine, and decent winds, and wonderful friends from up and down the east coast. Welcome new Rev family members !

News since then....

David is going to beautiful Milwaukee for a Valentines Snow fly !!! He will be there Amy & Connor, Ron Despojado, Chicago Fire, and many great people. Thank you Scott at Gift of Wings, Delevan county, and the Lakelawn Resort.

180Go New York Minute Team kites are in the works, Check out the new Carbon Fiber Banner poles, Rev Hats !, and coming soon

new Rev Shirts !

March 14, 15th is Kite Party in Huntington Beach, CA. Thanks Dave Shenkman at Kite Connection !

Looking forward to hearing from our friends and family.


Banner Hndout.html

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Still looking for the banner pole. When will it reach the East Coast? There are several of us in NC that are eagerly awaiting them.

All you have to do is call Lolly! A bunch of us east coasters already have them. I was using mine for most of this past weekend at MIKE/MASKC in Ocean City

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