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Ben's Farewell


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Kite flying is a beautiful hobby but a very difficult place to make a living. With that said, we're sad to report that Ben will be spending more of his time pursuing higher paying opportunities. He is a cherished member of Revolution Kites and our kiting community. We look forward to many years of community support and team building as his time permits....

Ben will be especially missed at Revolution for his ability to strengthen the community by bringing kite fliers together within the Rev family, and the kiting community as a whole.

Whether supporting team iQuad, answering questions on the Rev forum, spreading his passion of flying at International events, or just hanging out with his many kiting friends, you can always count on Ben to bring some excitement to the party.

It's rare to find people willing to give years of their lives (and personal expertise) even to something as beautiful as kites, but when you find these special people, it's important to honor and support them as they have generously given their time and energy to strengthen our community. Ben is such a person.


We'd like to thank the community for their support over the years. It may sound like a cliché, but it's true. We can't do it without you. Your support in turn allows us to support the community, its teams, events and fliers. When you buy a Revolution kite, you're buying an experience which includes the whole kiting community: the stores offering knowledgeable product support, the manufacturers that develop and bring you new and unique products, and the teams that show us what is possible.

Thanks again, and we're looking forward to seeing you on the flying field in 2015.

Joe, David, Lolly

Revolution Kites

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What can be said that hasn't been said already?

Ben is like the perfect balance of sweet and salty, tough dawg with a nougat center, all rolled in kite goodness.

post-2-0-81439900-1418719181_thumb.jpg post-2-0-01560500-1418719319_thumb.jpg post-2-0-23245000-1418719181_thumb.jpg

(plane photo by AMA2)

(flying photo by Nic O'Neill)

(tongue photo by Ron Despojado)

Love ya deeply Ben, road ain't over, its just winding. wink.png

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Whatever path you take next... we are sending good wishes and positive vibes... and you are still our family no matter where that is. We love ya dude! Without your encouragement and the Benny kite you gave to Connor... he may never have found his nitch... and the thing that changed his life forever... Keep in touch.. no disappearing allowed.. We look forward to flying with you soon Ben.


Amy and Connor

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Ben is a real kite friend, and friend who will always remain a friend.
If I recall correctly Ben took on his post at Revolution around 2004 which gives him about 10 years on the job. His accomplishments there were superb.
I am starting a list here of some of the accomplishments which I hope you all will add to:
- He brought out the race rod, green race rod, silver bullet rod and the new diamond rod.
- He brought out the Rev 1.5 B series, which was followed by the B-Pro from Bazzer
- He brought out the Rev 1.5 New York Minute that he designed.
- He brought out the B2 (new REV II).
- He brought out the ZEN made by Bazzer.
- He recovered the Masterpiece series adding a long list of kite makers.
- He brought about the printed Revolution 1.5s.
- He traveled continuously to Kite festivals promoting the Revolution kite despite a continuous health issue.
- He listened to other REV fliers about what they wanted and how he could help them.
So, come on everyone please add to our great friends accomplishments while at Revolution.

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We first met you at WSIKF 2003 before we were even flying as a pair. Don't know how many festivals and other gatherings at which our paths have crossed over the past 11+ years, but it's been many.

As noted before, you have introduced many things to the Rev family, of which, you will always be a part.

Some will say "We'll miss you Ben", but we would rather say "See you on the beach or at the park."

Best wishes and good fortune in whatever you do.

Cheers, Jim and Lynn

WSIKF August 21, 2003



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Hi Ben,

The best of luck with new financial opportunities my friend. I hope to see you at one of the kiting events real soon and it will be just like "old times" once again! Thanks for everything you've done for me and the rest of the Revolution family of fliers. I guess we should hear some good ones from the office-mates now that you aren't under their noses every day, right? Ha!

plm & bb

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