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Help, got a gig........


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Got this a while ago and for me its just not possible with my foot and stuff and being at these

are good folks and it's a chance to go and make kiting pay here's some info for the "Family"....

Hi Ben --

We'd like to hire a kite flying professional to direct a kite flying activity at our winter carnival event. The kite flying activity would be one of many activities at our event.

It would work something like this:

Director of kite flying event would have kites available for folks to drop in and take a crack at flying a kite. Director would get the person started then guide them until the person is confident to go solo...then get the next person started, guide them, etc.

The event would last approximately 4 hours. Saturday, Feb. 7th 12pm to 4pm.

Could you recommend someone who you think is qualified and reputable -- someone that has been hired as in this capacity in the past.

Thank you.


Recreation Manager

Oakland Township Parks & Recreation

Mail: 4393 Collins Road

Rochester, MI 48306

Office: 4480 Orion Road

Rochester, MI 48306

phone: 248-651-7810 ext: 400

fax: 248-601-0106


Please if you have an interest let me know also but heres Becky's info......; Bencat_lol.gif cat_lol.gifcat_lol.gif

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