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Revolution ZEN


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The zen is my favorite kite, but it doesn't fly like other models. It cuts across turbulence and swirls, plus instantly re-powers when slack lining. I have extensively modified this one for my own preferences, after wearing one out first. That showed me when to reinforce and where to trim mass or relocate, also went to Rev's new Diamond frame.

Here's a link of some jacking around at the nat'l mall a few weeks ago. Starting at about one minute the music is "Back to the Future". A spectator offered to film me after I chased him around for awhile. I did not touch him, but when he'd turn around after taking a pix the kite would be right behind him balanced on the leading edge.


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Heino, don't give up!

start off practicing on longer lengths than you'd intend to use for a demo. For instance you ask? Dave Shenkman's "Huntington Beach Kite Party 2015",.... restricted (highly encouraged!) to limit lengths to 75 feet, so I'll practice on 85 or 90 feet back home for a few months. That way the kite comes back effortlessly to me standing flat footed and can fly all the way out to the end of the lines during a well placed active throw.

The throw can be practiced off of the lines! Run a couple of steps (adding free momentum!) and pitch it like a javelin.

It needs to #1

go out (away from you), #2

upwards (at the proper angle determined by practice) and #3

rotate (90 degrees to wind-up inverted), just above the ground and pasted stationary,

... in that order so folks know you meant to do that.

The catch is easier from almost overhead, but looks a lot cooler if you do it from about 2/3rds of the window's height. That way it will apex and angle back down towards you, hopefully traveling the entire distance to your outstretched hand, so you don't have to run or move forward at all. Here the secret is "how far out you can reach" (and still not slice open you finger on the raw spectra!) Longer leaders, using the same materials as your sleeving, as few knots as possible in the leaders to prevent entanglement when handles are used in one hand or dropped onto the ground.

The 1.5 size is easier to learn 3D tricks on, because you can get great control on shorter strings than the Zen. Things happen faster and with less effort. It will not have the same floatiness or travel as slowly, but the techniques will carry over to the larger Zen size when you are ready. I've worked my way up from 30 foot lengths to pretty good success consistently on 120s, probably a decade of practice. Watching somebody or getting a hands-on lesson personally will trim hundreds of futility hours away. No other kite does this two part trick anything at all like a Revolution product. They are each unique in their interpretation of this trick as well.

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i will not give up.. many time i just hit the ground before i got it.. have done whit the 1.5

i did manage to catch the zen 2 time and hit my self a bounce of time.. one eye = difficult judge there the kite comes but getting better add it...

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That's right - up to you!! A Zen is a great tool, but you still have to fly it!! Light wind flying is a real test, you can't just stand there and expect to fly! I put it this way - There's no free lunch, just because you have a Zen or SUL! No matter which you fly, feet got to move to get results!!

Besides - it's a great workout!!

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REVflyer, are you using any weights in the bottom tips for extra glide on 120's?

No, just a set of magic sticks, And a diamond frame, And a modified leading edge construction using Mylar backed nylon instead of Dacron, oh and French bridle

The sum of the parts and bits make an entirely different kite that just looks like zen.

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