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new york minute VS Xtra Vented


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No doubt an X/V or the Shook 135%! Have the X/V - flies sweet in winds that you get uncomfortable in! Easily handles 30 mph! Have only seen pix of the 135% shook, but it is the equivalent of an X/V!

well i need one there can take over from vented pro from about 16-18 and up i think they both can do that but the XV will go higher right

The three vent NYM venting is 312 sq in.

"B" full vent is 335 sq in.

Pro Xtra vent is 488 sq in.

is that how but SQ there is vented or sail left.

i just look under spec. of the NYM is say is 92" instead of the 91 as all the b-series, if that is right then we can not use the rods from all ours b-series ?

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The Shook 135% will fly fine in a steady 10 mph,.... but can handle "scary wind" just as well, yes mid-30s are within easy reach.

You don't have the weight of the mesh material included in the shook sail, so the wind range is significantly larger, as is the size of the window you can fly in. You also paid more, so you should get something extra. The leading edge sleeve on Eliot's kite is built tighter to the frame (only one 1/4" tube fits inside) and also reinforced at specific points to increase the lifespan of the kite (at the center & at the fold points). There's a fine strip of icarex PC material linking the panels along the path of the down spar to prevent stress cracks and deformation of overall shape with extended usage in high wind.

It doesn't pull and it's so smooth!

I don't own one, but having flown it (when others were on mid-vents) I can speak for the extraordinary characteristics of this model. I live in the land of no wind, a full vent Pro and 100% Shook mesh are seldom EVER used. I can't justify the 135% for my own collection, but I'm certainly comfortable recommending it "if you routinely experience high wind conditions"

Just another flavor to consider


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Flying Smiles Kites (Eliot and Cath Shook)




email 'em for more info, photos, etc,... ask for some references, nobody dislikes one of the shook mesh kites

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Another flavour, PoloVTD. Thought it was a simple choice...

Big wind range, had mine in 40mph on the just the 3 frame and it was very sweet. Flys low too, could easily go from Mid straight to it.

Finish isn't quite as good as a PRO or Shook but is a bit cheaper to purchase. Finish is on par with B Series.

Wide range of standard colours plus customs as well.

Only thing it doesn't do, and this is only in the lower of its range, it doesn't "Whump" that easily. That is, it's a bit harder to quickly load the sail due to so much venting... BUT. It will go lower in the wind range inverted than LE up! Sooo stable on it's back!

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