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Ben let the Cat out of the bag

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Today Ben let the cat out of the bag on Facebook at:


The very basic idea of this REV you might say goes back to Scott Weider's falcon Indoor REV in which I took a low resolution photo and converted it to vector graphics.

On my next design which I won't tell you much more about until it is ready was created in a similar fashion however with a much higher resolution photo, still converted to vector graphics.

Ben asked me if I could create one at a real high resolution and have it printed like a photo at high resolution not converted to vector graphics.

He said he wanted tiger cubs. I searched and searched for high res photos that I could purchase for this purpose and came across two which were about

8250x5500 pixels at 25MB each. This is very high end professional photography which require a quite expensive professional camera to achieve the quality.

I acquired these photos applied them to my REV 1.5 template at a 1:1 scale.

The final file provided to the printers was around 500MB. As I understood from the printers it took several hours for the computer to process the file before the printing actually started. The computer is real fast having a 4th generation I7 and 32GB memory.

The attached image is a clip of the graphics from the application I used to create the REV.

Basically, don't try creating this yourself unless you have the proper knowledge, the equipment(expensive) and applications(expensive) to create this for the printers.

Ben I am sure can provide you with more information on this REV.


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Note above that I replaced the first image with the correct image.

I originally had a white logo when yellow was the correctly printed logo.

Also the Design by text was missing.

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