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New Rev ninja in training


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While having a little social fly down the coast with some friends we were stumbled upon by a local news crew (or Dawid arranged it on the quiet) who just had to talk to us and video what we were doing.

I was busy with my (very talented) Rev ninja in training when this all started but I was called over once I was done to chat to them about what we were doing. I let Dawid do most of the talking (all the talking in the edited result) and was promptly asked to do some team flying for the camera.

With less than 2 months of training on my personal Rev (we take turns flying on weekends) Janine didn't hesitate and stepped up to assist me. This video is what the news team put out ... aside from the confidence to fly with me (this was the most team flying she's done with me to date), check out that footwork, body mechanics and smooth hands

Flying location (first time we tried it)...


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Terrific. Revninja is correct, except Dawid needs to get a hat and Buff. Afraid that man will fry his skin.

Nice kites too. I saw an Ichiban, a Sun Oaks DC and a pan flute sled too.

IN the US that segment would have been half or one third the time. Nice that you got some exposure.

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Terrific. Revninja is correct, except Dawid needs to get a hat and Buff. Afraid that man will fry his skin.

Dawid isn't really into Revs or under my training ... so he's allowed to go civillian ;)

Nice kites too. I saw an Ichiban, a Sun Oaks DC and a pan flute sled too

Panflute sled was right...

I wish that was an Ichiban, it's a locally made variant of the Peter Lyn Tri-D design with extended and upswept wings. The deltas were standard types, not DC types.

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That's about the most 'serious' team flying she's done so far. We were doing some of that for about 5-10 minutes before and had just taken a break when I was hijacked and asked to talk to the camera. When I was asked if we could fly for them I went over to Janine, put my hand on her shoulder and said we need to do that again for the camera and just kept walking to the handles. She was 2 steps behind me with no hesitation just like I knew she would be ... that girl is rarely afraid to jump in the deep end.

We kept it simple and did a lot of repetition so they could could take the best shots in post production. For less than 2 months and no serious team flying before I say she did fantastically well. What isn't on camera is that she is already holding inverted hovers and I have her doing precision tip landings on my hand and a few other things well beyond her flight hours.


Well 3 is the magic number where I can start forming a ball and lines, etc for people to see ... so hopefully this snowball starts to pick up speed. The hard part is dealing with the exchange rate when it comes to getting people involved. Once someone is hooked on a hobby then they generally understand and accept spending more money, but it's that initial commitment that is always hard. Take a look at the exchange rate at http://www.xe.com/currencycharts/?from=USD&to=ZAR&view=2Y and you will see how it's becomming more and more expensive for people to make that jump.

I don't see it as any different to getting into golf or any other hobby, it's just that the initial step is getting very hard - especially since I need everything from standard to beyond xtra vent throughout the year. This is why I am looking to see what good value Revs are available for Janine - she puts in the effort and certainly deserves to be on her own set instead of borrowing mine.


Not yet .. but almost.

Johnny and I have our own gear .... Janine deserves her own gear .... Jacques has a B set but travels the country and specialises in power kites (but does practice Revs) and is based in Pretoria.

We're getting there though ... slowly but surely

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Ha!, we frequently suffer from the other side of that equation.

We have plenty of capable pilots that fly together regularly, lots of equipment, (even to share) but we can't all get on the same page! No one wants to lead (or follow), we fly different sizes of kites or various line lengths and everyone wears headphones and ignore all verbal directions!

Rotating callers, from both sides of the line, even in the middle. Jeff Burka only flies backwards until he is relieved of command. I prefer to fly at the "back of the bus" so I can bail-out anytime and fly upside down more often.

Careful what you wish for

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