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Nat'l Cherry Blossom (kite) Fest

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Meryl Balmar can't win the top prize (Turkish Airlines is again that sponsor) 'cause he won last year with his "Circle-JERK" entry,.... committee voted on several choices, Elissa's final decision. This was the least restrictive alternative offered to promote more competition in kite-building.

Still my friend, you'd better have it going on as Adrianne will be wanting her second set of tickets

(to match hubby's)

NO, they are not being allowed to do a cooperative category this year either! In case you were wondering. Actually the festival has a special mission for Meryl this year if he chooses to accept it. He's to do KAP & estimate the size of the crowd thru-out the day. The numbers effect sponsorship as well as festival costs,.... how many porta-potties, or security personnel, how many EMTs are required by the Nat'l Park Service? KAP photos look good in campaigns, particularly if you can fill the monument grounds with kites, kids and spectators all interacting together. A real challenge in the tough conditions likely to be present on event day.

So yeah for you Alden. BRING IT

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you both are completely capable, considered easily exploitable as well and are quite willing to assist to make it the best kite fest EVER, so thank you very much for volunteering this morning!

You guys can pick a job in advance or just fill as needed during the course of the day as a walk-on. One special job that's always fun is "kite handler", you help folks launch and fly their home-built projects.

We want to assemble a quad-fathers demo impromptu team Dave, there's hot tricks competition against Slick Rick (Harmer~defending champion). He will again need "canon fodder" for his several rounds to repeating!

Don't ignore the demo opportunities presented by KiteBus (Terry Murray for those of you who don't know, he is one fine announcer. I have personally seen and heard random individuals congratulating the man after performances in different cities!)

The field layouts and most of the activities area/tents are being set up the day before, but we could sure use help AFTER 4:30 pm during take-down Saturday. (misses & I don't want to help then either, we're tired and draggin' too!)

You can sign-up officially thru Elissa, program director,... or through the site: http://www.nationalcherryblossomfestival.org/2013/07/19/blossom-kite-festival-2/ it should be current info soon,

Everything is first class, (except the parking situation, there isn't ANY!) A huge powerful sound system, a great grand prize, appreciative crowds that can number tens of thousands easily (weather), a stop-watch styled list of interesting activities held in five areas simultaneously.

See ya soon my friend for another great time!

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