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180Go Now an Official Revolution Team

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People have been asking now that iQuad is not traveling as a team what will happen well

"Family" heres what we are doing......ani_victory.gif

News, news, news!

As most of you know, iQuad has stepped off the circuit for a rest after many years of pleasing crowds the world over, and after putting up with me for more years than they want to admit. With that said, my personal email has been burning up with questions on who will “Revolution” work with now as far as events and what not. Well for me that was a no brainer—the team that we will be recommending is 180Go!

There are many reasons I say this. 180Go! is not so much a new team (2007) or the best in the world (yet), but what they do is what we here like to see, and that is sharing their love of kiting with others in the form of teaching others and sharing info and skills with no strings attached. Also Mike Kory has been a member of iQuad himself and has always been a huge supporter of “Revolution Kites.”

What has always struck me with this group is the fact that they are both friends and family. What I also like is that the team’s ages are so well ranged—20s, 30s, 40s, 50s. This lets them speak to just about anyone in the crowd.

I’ve worked with this team in many places in the USA and Canada, so I have had the privilege to view the dynamics of this team, and the dynamics they bring to the table are amazing. So it’s with total trust and my knowledge of what helps an event work that I’d like to announce that team “180Go!” is “Revolution Kites” go-to team for events and outside shows.


Mike Kory (captain)—his point of contact is kitemike@gmail.com

Rose Kory

Mike Stephenson

Nick Stephenson

Mikey Devereaux

Jeff Faje

David Kovacs

Steve Anderson

Their web site is 180go.com


I've worked with 180Go since there beginning and have always respected them as a team

and even more importantly as my friends now with iQuad resting I needed a work horse and

a group that gave me what I needed.....cat_lol.gif So guys I know you thought you'd get all the glamor of being "The Revolution Team" what you really get is me cat_sick.gif , see along with all the

flying you are now in charge of ME......... Just ask iQuad how that works gathering.gif , anyway

guys welcome to the inside and thanks now and always for all you do and have done glad

to have you on the team....... Benani_smoke.gifani_smoke.gifani_smoke.gif



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Thank you Ben and Revolution for this great opportunity! I also want to thank John and the entire IQuad team and I hope we can represent Revolution Kites as well as John and IQuad have done. I am very honored to have Ben joining us on our travels.

Big Mike

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Thank you Revolution Kites and Ben for this incredible responsibility. Looking forward to new adventures.

Thank you iQuad for setting the spark years ago after seeing your videos and wanting to learn to fly the blender with a group.

Thank you Mike Kory for all you do for the team and IKE.

Thank you, and see ya soon,

Dayton David

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Thank you all for your support, and THANK YOU BEN AND REVOLUTION! I am very excited to have the opportunity to support Rev and do my best to create some more "rev-addicts" out there. As the newest 180Go! member, I want to thank the team for welcoming me and mentoring me over the last year - and Mike K. for granting me a spot on the team just over a year ago.

We have HUGE footsteps to follow with iQuad and everything they have done over the years to support Revolution and spread the word. John and iQuad have always made me feel welcome and have taught me tons - both directly and just from watching them "do their thing," and I will miss seeing them flying together.

I look forward to flying with all of you soon!

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