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New York Minute Is Alive


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Well after a lot of testing and some final tweaks the "New York Minute" and all it's brothers are being sewn.......ani_yahoo.gif This will be 4 kite quiver which means you will have a,

1. standard sail

2. 20% vent / perfect for bumpy light winds *3 to 6 mph*

3. 42% vent (9% over a midvent) / *6 to 10 mph*

3. 70% vent (between a full vent and extra vent) HIGH WIND

Each of these kites will come standard with "Green Race Rods" which is what I have been

using in my kites for ages.....ani_victory.gif

This is a "Ben" design so its from a flier to fliers and to me one of the best set of kites we here

have done....ani_smoke.gif As the kites come in I will add photos but with that said lets get this party

started with a one week deal of $50.00 off your first order of two of any of the above designs and if your willing to get all four I will throw in some other sweet goodies......



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Most of the pictures don't load for me, but do you have a blue version in here? I'm interested in a four sail quiver. Let me know who what when where how. :-)


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On FB there was a reply to this!! You can get red, blue, purple and ? with the black and gray colors being standard for all! I'll edit when/if I find the post and get the other color!

Couldn't find it on FB, sorry!

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Ben created the NYM and Ben likes the green race rods. They are lightweight and durable so they can be used in lighter wind as well as heavier wind. Some people do not like the feel of the green race rod. They prefer a three wrap frame.you can order your NYM with whichever frame you choose.

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the full sail NYM should come with Diamonds or Black race frames, expanding the low end wind range comfort level for the common man. It will fly with Greenies, but you'd like it better with something else. By the time the greenies are the most appropriate frame choice it's time for the mid-vents anyway!

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I got my NYM three weeks ago and have flown it twice in radically different conditions. Handles beautifully with the green race rods. I will eventually try it with other frames, but for now, I am totally satisfied with the looks, feel and performance of the sail. I will definitely be adding the 1-, 2-, and 3-vent to my quiver.

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As you can see by the various responses, Rev kites allow for a completely unique setup that YOU enjoy. It's all in what you like to use, there is no one perfect setup for all to use for every situation. I encourage you to experiment with different rod and sail combos and come up with a setup that matches your ideas on what to use and when! ani_idea.gif

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any darn thing is possible with the Revolution Kite Company!

are you willing to wait for it though, pay extra, possibly compromise your concept somewhat for manufacturing capabilities as well?

The difference is a feeling, you might hook-in to the NYM and love it instantly! It has a few sail/venting variations to make a full suite of kites (differing wind range target points when compared to the Shook, B-Series or Pro kites)

Like anything else, it's a flavor of flight and you need to try out both models side-by-side to see if you personally have a preference that warrants purchasing one over the others.

I have a pretty serious commitment to the Pros and Shooks, ..... I'm almost AFRAID to like the New York Minute models for fear of divorce proceedings from the best bride in the whole world. I can't afford to loose Barbara


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The major difference is that the PRO's are made by Bazzer and are usually custom ordered in the colors you want. There is only the two venting options that look similar, the mid-vent and full-vent the third (the xtra vent) has a very distinct look on the venting that is a little different than the others.

The New York Minute has a lot of the same finishing features as the Pro's - wrapped and folded leading edge ends, extra finishing details on the trailing and wing edges and ripstop poly Icarex sails. It is made by Revolution in their factory instead of having the sails made by Bazzer and then shipped to Rev for finishing / packaging.

New York Minutes are more redily available without the long delays in production as with the Pro's.

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