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The Journey


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Sometimes it not about the journey but more about the people you meet along the way, this
video is just that not so much the journey but the people....

You know there's so many of you that I need to thank but what I'll do rather than running thru all of you I'll just say "thank
God for putting each of you in my life"......cat_luv.gif Each of you have been there for me, believed in me when I did'nt believe in myself, and mostly just held my hand thru it all..... Ya the journey has been unreal but more importantly it's been about all of you......blue_smile.gif I really do love you guys and I'm so thankful for having you my "Family" in my life so remember where ever this journey takes you remember you take a part of me and I will always have a part of you...... Ben:blue_wink: blue_wink.gifblue_wink.gif
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Been thinking about you a lot since you left here Tuesday after WSIKF. Last night as I sat separating a big bowl of dried lavender buds I was thinking about 'my bud Ben' and wishing you well and hoping we'll have you with us at Seaside. Many many hugs to you, T wub.png

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