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MIKE/MASC Ocean City 2013

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A great weekend of flying was had by all. Many thanks to the various Riders who made it and let me join them on the line a bit on Saturday and Sunday. It's been entirely too long since I've flown team and I'd been bumming about missing out the whole time I was in Berck (too busy elsewhere on the field!), so it was especially nice to join you.

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Hi all, i'm a lurker! I've been lurking for quite awhile. I just met some very nice kite people in Cleveland and Ocean city, so I want to say hey! At these events I picked up every kite offered into my hands and felt honored for the offers. (shook! ooooooh!!) I got some very valuable tips too! I fly mostly alone in this area and I was happy to finally have more than one or two rev fliers in my eyes. I'll probably still just lurk and talk to my pc instead of typing, but maybe i'll wade in on a few thoughts I've had. Anyway I'm well into the dark side!

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Hey, bBalm. Welcome and please participate. Everyone on this forum can give and gain by joining in. Let us know how it is to rev where you live. Do you have really gusty, and constantly changing direction winds like we do in Chicago? Bad winds make better flyers, you know.

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