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Latest Masterpiece.


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I received a package from Lolly and just had to share. It's the latest one from Randy Tom and I love it!!! This one is #2 of 2....and I can only assume that Ben has the other one. Thanks Lolly! You're the best!


Full pictures are in the gallery. Click to enjoy. smile.png


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It looks sooooooo good, I'd love a masterpiece model, no hope of getting one in Australia and I think the freight costs as much as the sail.

That looks fantastic.

Plus..... I was looking at some of the others, and was wondering about the sails. Do the sails have to have panels to help it fly or

like the masters, can the sail be flat and made from just one piece of cloth???

Just a question!!

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I've flown (& even made several myself) kites out of a single piece, (icarex p-31 is the only stuff to use) skin of fabric,.... in fact you can "no-sew" them and make a fantastic low wind device! You will use 9460 bonding tape from 3M co. ONLY as the adhesive and "bond" the seams or edge bindings with a teflon-footed craft iron to fuse the adhesive.

Never fear that the adhesive will let go either, the fabric next to it will fail first. 9460 is made to bond two pieces of metal together. I've flown this style of construction for literally thousands of hours with no failure.

Flat is the only way to make the sail, unless you want to add some curvature built into the leading edge (still it's only in 2 dimensions, no depth necessary or even desirable)

The stack pix is a twelve pack of 42 inch leading edge mini-ryvs, no sew construction, single train lines running thru the whole stack and affixed to the bridle instead of the end-caps, no knots or elastic, instead made with automotive oh-rings and tiny belt-loops.

The expert on this no-sew construction method is Harold Ames (KiteSquid on the builder forums)

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ive done a few no sew applications with the same stuff in post above never had one come apart great stuff to use on first build so you can get the idea of building something some times i would sew over the seam it makes it a whole lot easier when learning the fabric doesn't move as lone as you lubricate the needle about every 20 feet of sewing i made a homemade oilier for my machine so the needle doesn't gum up

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