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Natl Air & Space Museum, Sat March 23, 2013

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it's that time of year again, some are hurt, or missing entirely but the show must go on!

10-am until 3:pm, free, downtownDC, Smithsonian Institute's Nat'l. Air & Space Museum

Come and enjoy the show and activities planned.


By the way, we are flying back in the West End – please be careful not to hit the overhead displays.

We are asking all volunteers to wear black, if possible.

Flyers: Andrew Albosta, Dave Ashworth, Pauly Berard, Jeff Burka, Paul Dugard, Dawn Haworth, Jared Haworth, Tom Humphrey, Jeff King, Paul (the Other Paul) LaMasters, Richard Mervine, and Scotty Weider. That’s twelve flyers this year – unfortunately Mike Mosman busted-up his elbow, so he won’t be flying this year or will be flying crooked as our 13th!

Presenters: Mearl Balmer (and Adrianne??), Harold Ames and Joyce King.

A warm congratulations to the Albostas – they just welcomed a new sister Eleanor, for Charlotte!

Thanks so much for volunteering,


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lots of fun flying with the unmanned air vehicles hangin' from the ceiling in our section. One is just over 14 feet from the ground! Scottie (flying that Deca in the pix) really shows them off pretty well above him. It's kind of a hassle, but at least we are in there doing our thing once a year!

My bride assembles a list of fliers and volunteers for the museum. Her favorite statement is that this event isn't about our club or even the fliers, it's about the SHOW!

I'm pleased you enjoyed Andrew's pictures wayne, someday his daughters will be the show and we old farts will be watching from our canes or wheelchairs.

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