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My Multicolour Stack

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Thanks Guys...

The Purple Vented had a 4 wrap.

The Lime Mid Vent had 3 Wrap

and the Blue Standard had a 3 Wrap.

I'll pit yours against mine, in a duel sir! Dueling stacks, that with freak out the early morning runners....

Can't wait!

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Sweet stack..... I recently added a blue midvent to mine to make it a 4 stack.

Do you have a link line at the top middle point? Couldn't tell from your pic.

Happy stackin,

Dayton David

Don't think so, I didn't use it on my 4 stack but I want to when I do 5! These things are very BIG fun.

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Dueling sounds awesome.... But keep your stack to 3 kites, no showing off....

No I did not use the white link line, I am a little uncertain on how to connect it.

I also used little loops on the other points to connect the links to.


Cant wait for the next WA Revolution Club meet... ;)

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