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Rev B2


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Since getting my B2 Standard, I have been neglecting all my other kites. It's first out and last back. With the 2 frames, 2 & 3 wrap, it will fly in almost any wind. And it is sooooooo much fun to fly. If you can, have a go on one in some good wind. I LOVE mine in 30km/h plus!

Tapatalk for iPhone.

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Hmmm - choosing between a mid-vent 1.5 and a B2 is difficult.

I love my mid-vents because in the area of wind speed that the standard and the vented supposedly overlap, the mid-vent shines without twitchiness or wallowing. I've been experimenting with a mid-vent and race-rods when the wind picks up and a standard sail *starts* to require more work - it's just smoother but very responsive.

OTOH, I have a B2 mid-vent, and when the wind picks up to 1.5 full-vent speed, or even 1.5 extra-vent speed, the little B2 flies like a humming bird - fast, responsive, and very light pull. A lot of fun. I haven't flown a B2 standard sail, but do have much older Rev II kites - and again they fly lighter, more responsive, but probably not with the precision of the B2s.

Personally, I think everyone should have a B2 or Rev II in their bag for variety. But if you are serious about precision flying in groups, then a mid-vent 1.5 might be a better first choice.

So - do you want to increase your finesse on 1.5 kites in that middle wind-speed range, cool.png or do you want a separate and different hoot? laugh.png

(Hint: the correct answer is 'both of the above') tongue.png

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yes I already have a 1.5SLE in a standard and UL and vented. was looking at the rev2 or the mid-vent as new addition. Also have a rev1 already and have tried the speed series but did not like them as well as the the 1.5

Your collection is set up a lot like mine was, but I got a full set of "B"s now!! All the advise you've gotten is valid, it really comes down to YOUR needs or wants!

B-2 - fun!!

midvent - team and precision!

Your call!!

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