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Berck sur Mer 2013


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A great thank you to the Flying Squad for their warm welcome at Berck.

The two Steve's Helen and Gary worked hard in the conditions to produce some great set piece performances in the ever changing wind from ultra light kites no wind and running out of arena space to skeletal like kites fighting with 40 mph gusts!

Thanks to Helen and Steve for their coaching tips to help me get to understand some of the mysteries of controlling a rev.

Lastly a big hug from Hilary to Gary for the coffee on a cold miserable day.

Hope to see you all again soon

Terry and Hilary

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Henri: don't know if they are available in Europe, but I have found that a "Buff" neck and face protector, really work well! Originally designed for backpackers and hikers, it can be worn in many different ways to suit the need! It's just a simple tube of UV resistant fabric, stretchy, and versatile!!

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WOW, what an event!

Just want to say a massive thank you to all of the fliers in the Rev Mega team at Berck. To quote a good friend of mine.. "You guys Rock!"

For anyone who wasn't there, 11:30 every day on the beach was Mega Team Practice. Rain or shine, tempest or zephyr we all assembled on the beach to run through the days routine. Different people brought different ideas to the table and we gradually increased the repertoire as the week went on (we still have a few good ideas left over for next year). However, i do have to credit FLIC for the smilies. This is something they have done for a few years but the idea was too good not to steal! I have no idea who suggested the car but that was absolute genius!

As the caller of the mega team i received a lot of very positive feedback about the mega team. The organisers, the public and even some of the hardened single line fliers were blown away by what we achieved. So, in case i did not get a chance to say thank you on the beach, THANK YOU.

So John, if this is what can be achieved by fliers from France, England, Holland, Singapore, just imagine what you are going to do in WSIKF where you all speak the same language!

Cheers Stephen

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Bob, well maybe just a little encouragement. We don't want to turn this into a competition.

What i liked best about this mega team was the fun aspect of it and the ability to laugh at ourselves. I can't wait to see what fun things happen in the next one.

So i guess the message is "Go create!"

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