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Berck sur Mer 2013


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Huh. Turns out I'll be at Berck this year, for the full event. As usual, I'm coming as a show kite flyer and I'm not sure if I'll have time to fly revs, let alone how much, if any, rev gear I'll manage to fit into my luggage allowance. But, yay!

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You guys need to cruise on down to Cervia after Berck. Cervia is a very fine warm festival on the Adriatic of Italy.

I'm afraid we can't get away from the daily grind of work for that long a stretch blue_sad.gif ...anyway, very excitied and waiting to soak in the fun. ani_yahoo.gif

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Sticker man, Madquad, Chua, Felix, et all,

Hilary and I will be starting our motorhome pilgrimage to Berck from Aberdeen on Thursday 11 th.

Will be on the sand by Friday afternoon :)

Hope to see you all there, will have my eyes in the sky!

Knowing what I do of Singapore suggest you and your pals Chua bring some warm clothes!

I can supply hot tea for you.

Take Care


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Long way from Aberdeen Scotland, we will take the tunnel on Friday am and park up in Berck on Friday.

Unfortunately we must leave the next Friday for tunnel on early Saturday morning.

So looking forward to another great week.

Look for the eyes on the beach :)

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