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Newbie First Rev - 1.5 SLE or B which one should I keep!?



Hi All,

My first post here, loads of useful information, great forum!!

I've flown lots of kites including power kites, kitesurfing, 2 line stunts, but never a rev.

So as a newbie to Rev flying here in the UK I have been lurking and trying to decide what to get. My budget isn't that high, I have about £150 for a complete setup so I'm looking at 2nd hand kit.

Anyway I've ended up with 2 kites from eBay! Oops, got carried away with bidding and won them both...

Number 1

1.5 SLE in red/white/blue.

It came with lines and handles.

Genuinely seems like it hasn't been flown much at all.

It is very crispy, and came with the Rev ultra light spars plus the extra bonus of the fat leading edge as well as the ultra light one.

Number 2

1.5 B Series in black/blue/grey.

Also came with lines and handles, in good condition but clearly well used.

The kite has no rips or anything, but the white panel in the middle is slightly discoloured.

And the kite itself just doesn't have the crispiness of the other.

Only came with one set of spars. The 3 leading edge spars have been replaced with Sky Shark P200s, that other 2 are the standard Rev ones.

Bottom line, I can't keep them both.

I paid £110 for the 1.5SLE and £130 for the 1.5 B Series.

I've flown them both, but as a total newbie to Revs I can't really tell what was different with them, and what characteristics were down to the kite itself and what was down to me not really knowing how to fly these yet.

So to all the experienced fliers out there.....

What combination of gear do you think I should keep!!?!!?!?

What are the pro's/con's of each kite?

Is there any real difference between the two models worth noting?

What would suit a newcomer best but also give me longevity?

And how about the spars....what's the deal with the Sky Shark P200's compared with the stock Rev ones?

Anything else to consider?


I've attached a pic of each...



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I was watching these two as well but did not bid in the end! I cannot justify more! (Yet)

In my humble opinion I would keep the SLE as it is in a newer condition, now everyone will start to disagree with me!

You should have five 1/4 inch rods, one with ferrules, and three SLE (fat) rods, one with ferrules.

The end caps on the sail tips should have rubber washers on them, these are to prevent the SLE rods cutting into the bridle!

I expect that the lines are 85ft LPG (Laser Pro Gold) but if a set is 120FT keep them.

Handles, measure the length of the tube and keep the ones at 13ins, even better if they have knotted leaders!

Where in the UK are you? we might be neighbours!

I think you might struggle to get your money back on the B, there again luck might be with you on that!

Google the P200 rods, there is some info out there.


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Thanks for the reply Bill!

I must say I think I'm leaning towards the SLE because of it's newness compared with the B. But haven't flown them side by side yet, I took them out on different days and the wind was pretty rubbish both days.

The end caps on the sail tips on the B doesn't have the rubber washers, the SLE does. These are only if you use the fat leading edge I guess?

Both handles are the same length, but the B came with longer knotted leaders.

I think both sets a 80ft LPG.

I'm not too far from Hemel....I live in Stevenage. Just been going to my local big field near the football ground, but the wind isn't great there. I do go to Dunstable downs occasionally as my sister in law lives nearby.

I was hoping it would be a cut n dry "keep the B" (which is why I bid on it in the first place!) but having flown them both I really don't know!!!

Is there any real difference between the two!?!?

I Googled the P200s and saw some reviews, both good and bad. Maybe I should just sell the B as it came....with the P200s.

I hope I do get my money back. Do you think I'd be better off waiting till next summer and selling then? Do kites tend to sell better in the summer months?

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That would be great! I'm not sure I'll be able to make it this Sunday, or I might get away with it if I bring the wife n kids along. I'll see if I'm allowed out and post on here if I'm coming over.

Are there many rev fliers that you go over with? Is the Downs your usual place to fly?

Would be good to have some expert opinion on what I've got here. I suspect the B is just a bit "tired".

Thanks for the help and advice!


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No matter which you decide, definitely keep the handles with the knotted leaders!! You'll find that the Rev is much easier to fly if you can adjust the kite's angle of attack, rather than you adjust to it pulling too much and not learning your controls!! All the leading edge rods are interchangeable, so if you're not comfortable with the P200 rods, keep the ultra-light set!! Ultra-light = 3 wrap rods! For learning you might use the fat tube (known as the SLE = super leading edge), but the 3 wrap frame should be strong enough for you as long as you don't really bash it into the ground or try flying it in too much wind!!

One thing that helps, but is counter-intuitive, learn to "give to the kite" in case of imminent crashing!! Even walk forwards if needed!! Pulling back on your lines only drives the kite harder into the ground, resulting in a bigger chance to break something!! Don't need that!! Another tip: check that all 4 lines are of equal length!! A short line mixed in can make the kite turn on its own, you are learning, don't need the kite fighting you!! Put all 4 lines on a stake, stretch them out and attach your handles!! Check that both handles are exactly the same or adjust as needed!

Check really carefully on both kites, the condition of the mesh screen near the top, if either is torn, shows a lot of use or bad storage habits! Make sure to FOLD the screen and leading edge into the kite before rolling up the rest of the sail!! And leave room between the rods in the LE pocket so they don't put excess pressure on the screen or pocket!!

Getting the wife involved is a good idea, if you need to justify the expense!! But that means twice as many kites!! kid_devlish.gif GOOD LUCK!!

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Thanks for the tips Wayne!

Having flown power kites I'm familiar with giving to the kite before a crash so should be ok there.

Will check the mesh carefully, and good tip on the folding that part...I just rolled from the leading edge the couple of times I've been out.



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So I checked the mesh on both as you suggested and hey ho, the older looking B has a couple of little 1cm tears in it kid_cussing.gif

So I guess I know which one I'll be keeping.

I'll still bring both along to the Downs on Sunday Bill, for more opinions and tips on setting up and packing down!

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the crispness of the sail will be different because they are made of different material. i have a new b and sle and i questioned it too.

ditto the line equalization.... i have about 15hrs on mine and the l.e line was a good inch or so longer. i now switch my upper and lower lines periodically.

have a great time!

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Ah, you lil' bugger! I was bidding on both of those, but particularly the SLE. laugh.gif Missed out on the SLE as the auction finished at about 7am in the morn' and my ipad alarm failed to go off. blue_sleepy.gif

The B-Std I was also interested in at first but after mailing the guy for more details I got the impression it had been 'very well used' due to replacement rods, old lines, wear marks and so forth, and wasn't sure what other surprises it might have in store, so declined to bid. To get it up to speed I estimated it would need new lines, rods throughout, possibly new handles too and I couldn't justify the outlay considering it was also an old sail.

Seeing as you have both, you can swap lines, rods et al, between them.

Enjoy. smile.gif

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Moggy the SLE is mint, but you're right about the B I suspect it is well used and I will prob sell it.

Bill are you hitting the Downs today? Nice and sunny but not a puff of wind here in Stevenage...


Yes, had a good five hours flying time! you must have posted this after I left home!

The wind usually picks up around 10ish and I was there at 10.15!

I was looking out for you.

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Ah missed out Bill, it was dead calm in Stevenage at 10.30 and didn't fancy 45 min drive for no wind! Is it generally always enough to fly at the downs?

In the couple of years that I have been going there only once was it dead calm complete with thick fog! even then I managed about half hour but most of the time I could not see my Rev at 120ft! blink.gif

Good socially though!

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