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brand new SLE


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Think he meant Stroke Survivor (SS). :)

A plan coming together.. hmm... la réalisation d'un grand projet! .. accomplissement final.

Love your photos. I think your dog is feeling left out (solitaire). ;) He/she can have fun chasing them!

Yes, you're right! I wasn't paying attention! I think Paul was talking about SS on another page! Duh! :blink:

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A-Team!!! 80s tv show

after every thing gets blown up, the girl and her family are safe and BA Barakus gets back at Murdock for getting him on a plane....

the cigar smoking white haired leader says

"I love it when a plan comes together!"

that being said... 20mph winds and i get out early today! time for the full vent and some sle rods!

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Hi there,

i'm very impatient to received my new revolution kite by Pedro Hermanos (Spain) in Berck this month.

it will look like this:


it will be one of a serie Graphic designed by me on New-york city theme.

based on an original picture taken in NYC ©:


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