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brand new SLE


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HA!! I'm at 8, but 1 is an Indoor! kid_devlish.gif 5 get most of the use, "B" std, mid, f/v, x/v, and SLE SUL!! I'll fly my Rev 1 when I'm alone and just cruising around! kid_content.gif Keep a SLE f/v for lending out to those that need a vented! The Zen will round out my bag of kites that will get the most use!! smile.gif

And that's just the Revs, don't get me started on the other stuff I've collected over 20 years of flying!! smiley-devil.gif

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They fly like buttah!! kid_smartass.gif The winds we were facing last weekend of 25-30 mph would have been too much for anything else!! Not unless you were willing to stretch your sail or risk getting it blown out!! kid_cussing.gif It's a great kite to have and not worry about your flying so much! Let's you concentrate on your position in the group!!kid_devlish.gif

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had 2mph winds today, had to get the 4d out... and it still dropped to 0 and changed 180degrees on me.... no zen for me! yet! :

I have had winds like that.

My solution when I was learning, was to pack up my REV and go to the beer garden and have a beer and talk to people.

There would surely be a better day to fly.

But at that time only the REV I and REV II existed with standard rods.

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