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Well i made the plunge... Fast!

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I ordered and got a prism nexus and a 4d light kite, both duals, as i have no experience an wanted to try them!

Well i got them today and tried them both (put the 4d away until more experienced). Anyways, really enjoyed the nexus and had a blast.

Then i came in and tune into YT to learn some tricks, that when i seen some quad videos... I couldnt believe it!

I immediately ordered a Rev 1.5 SLE that comes with lines handle, dvd and free UL leading edge.

What have i got myself into? I live in northern canada, so will have to be self taught with videos online, forums and other sites, but am excited either way.

Hope i picked a good kite, because i dont think the wife will let me buy many more, it was 309$ btw...not sure if i got a deal.(http://canadiankitecompany.myshopify.com/products/revolution-1-5-sle-4)

So about $500 worth of kites in a week lol, oh well photography, my other hobby is 30x that expensive!

Just wanted to say hi, and cant want to read all of your peoples posts and tips!

Now, where to start?! I downloaded the howtorev.pdf... Is a subscription at learnkite.com worth it? What are some other good tutorial sources?

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to kite world and BIG welcome to the Dark Side kid_devlish.gif

The 1.5SLE is what you need to start the new addiction and getting the additional 3/4" LE with it is a good thing too.. The 7/16" LE (fat one) will be good in those higher winds and the 3 wraps will make your kite more flexible, slow and less twitchy...thus more control :)

As for the price, i cannot say if it was a good deal or not but i'm sure that you will switch to other shops when others will give you some feedback here :)

What's next??? Meet other flyers in your area and if not available, i recommend you have a jump on kitelife.com where JB has excellent tutorials to get you started sign_kitelife.gif

This forum is full of resources and you will get loads of infos and tips here..feel free to ask anything you would like...

The Nexus us a fun rapid kite (less rapid than the Micron) but is very nice for those medium winds days and the 4D will serve you best when no leaves move or even indoor...

Have fun with the new toys and sorry to tell you this, but this new addiction will make you buy soon or later a kite bag which will be full in a year or so...or in your case and speed, in some months tongue.gif

You will see that kites and photography are close as we need to get outdoors for this..so backpack with kite bag now in the truck..and a tips for you is get the wife too to fly some kites and she will get addicted too..that will solve your expenses excuses lol


ps: I am in photography too and if you have some time, have a look at my facebook page btreize photography or 500px.com//btreize

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You can't go wrong with Great Canadian. I've known Mike and his family since I got back into this in 2007 and he is my "go to" guy. They do an excellent job of keeping their customers happy before and after the sale.


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Welcome to the dark side!

If you are far from any other rev fliers, I advise patience and practice (lots of practice). Plus maybe a little bit of posting with your questions here - we're a friendly bunch and we like to answer questions. Don't worry about crashing the first few times you fly, just don't give up. It's a challenge to learn when you are by yourself, so watch the videos and start with the basics - fly up a little from the ground, hover upright a little, and back it back down. Take it easy - if you are like me, you will crash a lot the first couple times you try to fly. Revs are pretty tough, so don't worry about it. Just keep flying. Lots. I've been flying a couple years, and I still learn new things when I get out to fly (and I still have plenty to learn).

How far north? If you ever get south, the other advice I'd give is to try to connect with other rev flyers - there's nothing better for learning than flying with other people.

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Hi and indeed welcome.

That is how I started a few Years ago. That was 21 or so kites ago. So good luck with not buying any more. Anyway that is a very selfish attitude, how on earth are all the kite parts suppliers, manufacturers and shops going to survive without help from nice folks like you.

I would also reccomend you could do much worse than to take out a subscription with Kitelife.com there is more info on dual lines on there, not saying there is none on here but we do lean towards Rev kites, not quite sure why. Oh yes just remembered it is the Rev forum isnt it!!

As a member on Kitelife you will have access to absolute shedloads of tutorial type videos to freely download. Both dual and quad line.

You need to accept that you have become a member of a huge family, and as such we all help and support each other as much as we possibly can.

One trick I started with was to buy kites the same colour, I only thought that would fool my Wife. Unfortunatly the 3 well filled kite bags sort of give me away a bit.

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One trick I started with was to buy kites the same colour, I only thought that would fool my Wife. Unfortunately the 3 well filled kite bags sort of give me away a bit.

No, no, no. Just use the wife's standard excuse: "New? No, I've had those for years!" :kid_smartass:

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