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Well folks, I figured I would share my first experiences with Rev's (and kites in general).

About a week ago I decided to grab my fathers old Rev that he hadnt touched in roughly 18 years. So here I am with my 1988 Rev I Classic on the beach trying to figure out how to fly this thing. First I would like to thank the people on this forum because that is the only reason I managed to get it into the air. Well you could say I was a slow learner, after 3 or 4 visits to the beach and well over 100 walks of shame and not to mention the embarisment of having beach passerby's who took pity on this poor soul attempt to help, I finally figured out that my lines were not even and that I needed to add a little bit of adjustments to my handled (what lines wouldnt be strtetched after 18 or 20 years?). Bingo! I was up and flying with a little bit of fine tuning. Now that ive got it in the air I think Im out about 3 or 4 hours a day (or night he he) flying at the beach...I suppose you could say in the words of a famous sitcom.."I'M OUT THERE JERRY, AND IM LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!".

If any of you are ever near or maybe even live in Jacksonville Fl, I would love to fly with some others out there.



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Awesome, glad you got things figured out and are enjoying your flying!!! It's a sin to have a beautiful kite sit dormant for 18 years! Glad you got it out and are knocking the dust off of it.

I wish I could get out your way sometime, I'd love the chance to fly with you on the beach!

Welcome to the forum and keep it up!

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Get with other fliers, and I am sure that they will let you try a "modern" 1.5 B series. It will feel like you went from a old truck to a Ferrari, and you will never look back..... :sign_kitelife:

I sure hope so, a new set of lines most likely wouldnt hurt me either.... I think I will be heading to the nearest kite shop this weekend for a bit of ....light shopping :devil:....

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