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Masterpiece Challenge Winner Take All


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Well happy Wednesday everyone and here's a surprise, this kite is by Mr. Scott Skinner of

the Drachen Foundation whos style always reminds me of stained glass because of the layering

technique he uses.....blue_cool.gifAlso for all that do not know, ANYTHING by Mr. Skinner is both a

treasure as well as pretty unheard of cause thats not what he does, I was so honored when

he was willing to accept the challenge and make us some kites.... Scott has traveled the world

sharing his passion of kitting and in my humble opinion he is an ambassador to kites and this

way of life and I am very honored to call him friend. These photos do not do this style justice

as I do not know how to photograph it so you can see the stain glass effect when the sun shines

thru it..... Benblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gif






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Kevin and Scott's entries are both great, but I'm particularly keen on Scott's integration of the Rev logo...

Not the typical "wedge" application, which generally doesn't match the artwork.

Keep 'em coming, awesome!! :)

Thinking the same as you, JB, about the Rev logo - how did he do that??? :confused!: :confused!: :confused!:


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Well let's see I have to do photos on some kites, get others finished, figure out how to do

the auction, oh ya any idea's on the aution set up.... My thoughts are a auction list on the

site which I can adjust each day, then have all bids coming to me and I'll put them up....kid_cussing.gif

Would some one explain to me where I pull these nutty ideas fromkid_brooding.gif, you got to admit I

keep it fun.... Ben blue_cool.gifblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gif


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Well here's one from the Mesh master Mr. Eliot Shook, his Masterpiece Rev designs have really been a hit world wide

and in truth I fly one myself because his kites just always seem to know what I want.....kid_devlish.gifEliot is co-owner of

"Flying Smiles" and in my humble opinion one of the best dog gone kite stores in the U.S., truth is Cath his lovely

wife is the brains of the outfit.....innocent.gifIf you have not flown this kite then do so cause what they bring to the table just

always puts a smile on my face ever time...... Benblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gif








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