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Go Pro Camera Stake

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I have added yet another new item to my lineup! Intruducing the Go Pro Camera Stake. This stake uses the Go Pro camera flat mount on one of my stakes so the camera can be positioned on the ground for those down low shots. A big Thank You to Jim Fielder for the idea! sign_kitelife.gif


Now all I need to do is get a GoPro so I can use one of these.

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Cool idea!

There is a $49 camera around (e.g. Grocery Outlet has some, so they may be close-outs) with few features but usable video quality, about the same size and shape as the Go Pros. Like-wise, Radio Shack had an "Action Camera" on sale for $49 for a few days - different shape. They all have mounting systems, but I don't know if they are compatible.

Any-hoo, the budget conscious might want to search for "Action Camera" on the web and eBay. It would be very interesting to know if the mounts are compatible. Cameras, still and video, unless they were very cheeep, used to have a standard tripod mounting socket.

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