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Happy Birthday Ben!


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Here's to you Ben..

Here's to all that you do for so many people... with so little in return..

Here's to all the young people you have inspired.. as well as us older folks ..

Here's to the words of encouragement you have given so many..

And here is to your Birthday.. May it be the first day of many happy days to come..

Happy Birthday Ben..


Amy and Connor

:mf_party::big_beer::big_band::ani_punk::ani_notworthy::clap; :clap;

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Dearest Ben,

I wish you a wonderful Birthday. You deserve all the good things life has for you !

Please do something that makes you happy, smile, and laugh-

that doesn't include coming to the office and knocking important things off my desk :kid_devlish:

Presents awaiting you on your desk.



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Thank you one and all for all the birthday wish's and I did have a good day and played hookie from work.... Benblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gifblue_cool.gif

Just cos you show up at work physically doesn't mean your not playing hooky figuratively..in other words...even tho you're there, you're anyplace BUT there!!!!!!!!!!

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