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I can finally post some pictures of my Bazzer Ninja Eyes. Kudos to Bazzer on incredible workmanship and to Ben for ensuring that Revolution kites catch the eyes of all that see them, shadowing the best that the kite world has to offer.


post-2979-1259979628_thumb.jpg post-2979-1259979653_thumb.jpg post-2979-1259979665_thumb.jpg


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No wonder I can not get one. You have them all :-)

Interesting idea, swapping the colours round like that.

Also the way they look so much brighter from the back, presumably due to the Sun direction.

Nice pictures, thank you.

I just LOVE those Ninja Eyes, on my list of Kite wants.

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Thanks to all for the comments received on my Ninja stack. It is not complete yet, but this is as far as Bazzer and I have progressed, one kite is missing from the stack as seen here, it is a solid blue to go at the back, with more to come next year. I will answer each of your questions in turn of posting. I really like colour and wanted something dramatic, fortunately Bazzer was willing to work with me and my colour mixing. He did an incredible B Pro Suite for me as well.

Baloo, how great to have an Englishman respond first. I do enjoy your comments on the Forum, and am particularly partial to your language and spelling, colours they are and not colors (no offense Rich!). I am going to be getting more Ninjas but am sure that Bazzer could squint up a kite or six for you if you ask. You are correct, the bright ones were backlit by the sun, really came out well and highlights the colours dramatically.

quaa714 Rich I do believe .... the colours are. I too really like the shadows effect of the one photograph, not possible with anything other than a vented Ninja.

Laura, I have had a vented Ninja for a while now and it is one of my most favourite kites to fly. I wanted to do a stack, noted that this is a Masterpiece series and did not know if I could purchase any. Bazzer had built some other kites for me, so I called him up. He liked the idea and told me to call Ben. The rest is an empty bank account but what a stack of kites I now have. The vision was mine but Bazzer worked with me to ensure a congruence and natural flow of colour in the stack. We connected well on this project and the results are outstanding. Stack flies well, but I am still in the tuning phase and am adding another kite so it will be a 6 stack initially with more to come as noted above.

Aerochic, thanks for the SWEET comment. I have looked at your galleries and love a lot of your photographs, perchance someday I will lay 'my eyes on you' and you can record some wondrous visuals for all to enjoy.

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Please add one more Rev to the count ... makes eight. Tried Big Mike's indoor twice last summer and decided that I would branch out into one more area where the youngsters can embarrass me!!!




1 Custom Blue Fade Indoor


1 REV II ... Red and Black SLE style layout

1 SUL ... Gold and Raspberry with black center

1 SUL ... Gold and Raspberry with white center

1 SUL ... Lime and "Victoria Secret" white

1 B-series non-vented ... Purple

1 Pro mid-vent ... #4 Lime

1 B-series vented ... Gold

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mcruzzer - +2 (37)

dagnabbit - +1 (7)

Rastas000 - +1 (1) **

flyinken - +2 (3)

BillLamm - +1 (1) **

MalMan - +5 (23)

Jeepster - +1 (8)

melnsct - +1 (8)

Scott_of_melnsct - +1 (4)

DarkSideofMoon - +4 (4) **

Jynx - +1 (12)

Geno - +1 (3)

TAKAKO - +4 (14)

JoneZ - +1 (1) **

sammy - +1 (6)

2,091 Revs between 238 pilots!

**New members of the global list, welcome guys! :)

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