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I am new to revs but experienced with dual lines, and I know from experience that it is easier to learn from someone.

So I am looking to see if there are any rev flyers in or near Yakima, wa.

Hi Drock0907...

Congratulations on choosing the "Dark Side" and welcome to the Rev Family.

You are lucky to be from the Northwest. There are a lot of great flyers there. I'm sure some of them will be replying soon. Are you closer to BC? There are some great flyers (and awesome people first and foremost) there, too.

Do you own a Rev, yet? Have you flown Revs? Feel free to "ask away" about anything related to flying, buying, techniques, etc. The people on this forum are happy to help out.

Good luck and always HAVE FUN!

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Welcome to the fun! Definitely need to learn from others, it makes getting "it" easier and happen sooner. If you can wait a few months, iQuad puts on a Rev Clinic in Long Beach Wa sometime during March. (Any plans on that yet JB?) You get to learn from some of the top fliers, spend a weekend flying on smooth ocean breezes, and experience the manic weather that the coast can bring that time of year.

Hope to see ya out flying some time!

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